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Interested in Working for The Spectator?

Are you interested in working for The Spectator?

The Spectator is the independent student newspaper of Valdosta State University. We are a student organization on campus with three faculty adviser. The rest of the staff is entirely students. Students make all editorial decisions about what runs in the paper and on the news site.

Our staff includes writers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, mobile app designers, marketing and advertising staff. If you’d like to become a part of the Spectator team, please let us know!

We encourage people from all majors to make inquiries, not just journalists.

1)  Contact Dr. Ted Geltner, editorial adviser, at tageltner@valdosta.edu, or Dr. Pat Miller, senior adviser, at pmiller@valdosta.edu.


2) Call the Spectator newsroom at (229) 333-5688.

To become involved with the Spectator’s advertising and marketing team, click here.

We are always interested in hearing from new talent!



  1. My daughter, Julie Jernigan is a student of VSU and will be a sophmore this next year. She has been writing articles each week in our local paper. Her first article she wrote was about “Collge Freshmen often get Home Sickness – But it can be overcome”. I thought this would be a great article for your Spectator paper in the fall especially for upcoming Freshmen.
    I would love to submit this article for your paper as a surprise for Julie. Her writings are excellent. She does plan to apply to work with the Spectator.
    Please let me know if I may submit her article to someone there.
    Please respond to my email and I will be glad to forward her article to you.
    Thanking you in advance for your interest.
    Proud mother
    Sherry Jernigan

  2. Stop lying saying the answers to puzzles are online when they aren’t! I’ve searched this entire website and found nothing pertaining to puzzles. So either print the answers on a different page in the paper or give them the next day or here’s a brilliant idea POST THEM ONLINE LIKE YOUR BS SUBTITLE CLAIMES YOU DO!!!!!

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