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Put your whining in perspective

Out of all the things to complain about here at VSU, a big one is parking. “I have to park so far away.” “I get parking tickets all the time.” “I can’t sign up for my classes because of all of my unpaid parking tickets.” We’ve all made some sort of complaint like this, but our suggestion now would be ...

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Financial Responsibility: The real world is coming. Get ready.

Wake Up Call Halloween may be over, but the true nightmare continues to lurk in the shadows and slowly make its way toward unsuspecting college students nationwide. No, it isn’t Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees (though you shouldn’t rule them out just yet). I’m talking about the unavoidable, unfeeling monster known as financial responsibility.  Currently, most college students have a ...

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Rant and Rave: November 5, 2009

RANT  Why do we have so many fountains on campus that are hardly ever in use? The only time I see the fountains on is during the summer, around the time of freshman orientation. I would like to think that the fountains are not just there to hook potential students. I know we were in a drought a few years ...

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Students attend anti-DUI lecture

 Some VSU students  listened to Chris Sandy’s story, a Georgian man convicted of two counts of vehicular homicide by DUI.  Sandy explained how one mistake ended the rest of his life.  On April 11, 2000, he was at a party and had four mixed drinks; a friend called him and told him to come to another party.  He jumped in ...

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New buildings in the works

  Plans for a new Psychology building at Valdosta State will be presented to the Board of Regents in either January or February of next year. If plans are approved for the new building, which will consist of clinics, classrooms and offices, the two-story part of Converse Hall will be renovated, according to and President Dr. Patrick J. Schloss.  “No student ...

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