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Valdosta Police Department sees a crime decline in Valdosta

VPD is being rewarded with a slow but steady decline of what is considered “part one” crimes such as aggravated assault, battery, rape and larceny. These examples are not exhaustive, but they do include categories, which have seen a definitive decrease in frequency. VPD has recovered $1,663,187.00 of stolen property and has fewer requests for service in what is statistically, ...

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VPD investigates car accident death, possible shooter

City of Valdosta Police Officers found a man dead after arriving to the scene of a vehicular accident; however, evidence shows more to his death. Discovered in a crashed vehicle on the 300 block of East Moore Street, VPD found Xzavier Haggins, 36, dead early March 23 with a possible gunshot wound. He nor the vehicular accident were their original ...

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