24 January

SGA discusses energizer booths, rec center, new student fee

With the third week of the spring 2018 semester in the books, SGA has begun to settle into the swing of things. The first resolution of 2018 concerning the implementation and scheduling of energizer booths was unanimously passed.  These booths are aimed at collecting student suggestions and feedback to foster student participation and usage of […]

28 March

Former VSU President to be honored at fundraising gala

Written by John Preer, Correspondent Blazers that graduated between 2002 and 2008 may remember Dr. Ronald M. Zaccari as then, acting president of VSU. During Dr. Zaccari’s term and in the years that followed, the former president has been an active member in the Valdosta community. Now, Dr. Zaccari is returning to the VSU campus […]

01 October

Valdosta ranks high on STD list; miseducation to blame

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief The city of Valdosta has made it to the top 100 of a list that not many are proud of.  Valdosta shared this precarious honor with other Georgia cities including Albany, Augusta, Columbus and Macon.  According to the Center for Disease Control, Valdosta comes in at 87 in a list […]

10 September

Cloudy forecast for VSU faculty still uncertain about future with university

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief The forecast for VSU’s future is cloudy at best, according to figures released by university officials.  Faculty senate members are understandably worried by the numbers and what they mean for their future with the university.  Low enrollment and retention are being blamed by administration for the recent downsizing of faculty […]

21 August

Letter from an editor: Dear Seniors…

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief My fellow seniors, fall semester is nothing new.  However, this particular fall semester will (hopefully) be your last of undergrad.  There will be many pitfalls this close to the finish line, but don’t worry.  Your years of Starbucks fueled all-nighters and late night Odum study sessions have prepared you for […]

07 July

Dr. Rogers Steps Down as Provost

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief  Provost and Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Hudson Rogers, has stepped down from the position in order to resume teaching in the classroom.  Dr. Rogers will continue teaching as a tenured member of the Harley Langdale Jr. College of Business Administration faculty.  Before taking on the role of provost, […]

27 May

Daily Strange: Solar panels the new concrete?

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief  Could Solar panels replace concrete pavement? Scott and Julie Brusaw seem to believe so.  The couple’s company, Solar Roadways, is based in Idaho has spent nearly a decade developing and testing their solar powered road panels.  Although, these panels could potentially serve multiple purposes, there are still many critics that […]