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Systematic shortcomings to blame for Michael Brown case, not race


Written by: John Preer  The fragile faith minorities have in the justice system has been left out cold in the streets like Michael Brown’s uncovered, lifeless body. The nation is in a state of disarray and a lot of people seem to be confused, misinformed or just oblivious to the situation America has found itself in.  The Michael Brown shooting ... Read More »

A Spectator’s view: Pokémon battle showdown

Written By: Jordan Barela and John Preer This week’s RetroSpec is a little different. Jordan Barela, social media editor, and John Preer, features editor, are two avid Pokémon fans. What do Pokemon fans, especially big fans like these two editors do? They figure out who has the better Pokémon team. There is only one way to figure out whose team ... Read More »

Ebola webinar to educate students

Written By: John Preer Perhaps the most infectious quality of Ebola is the fear that seems to spread just as indiscriminately as the virus itself.  In response to the epidemic, the Georgia Board of Regents will host a one hour webinar on the University System of Georgia’s website. The webinar is called, “Ebola: Guidance for Universities & Colleges,” and is ... Read More »

VSU raises awareness of sexual assault on campus

Written By: John Preer Sexual assault on college campuses has been in national headlines recently because of President Obama’s newly appointed task force. Colleges nationwide have been experiencing a rise in sexual assault against students and as a result, many have undergone some policy changes. California recently passed a law that outlines what qualifies as consent. No longer will silence ... Read More »

Emulators ROMs, Memories

Written By: John Preer I recently got the urge to play a lot of the video games from my childhood. That wasn’t the best idea. Unfortunately, I either no longer had the system or couldn’t find the game cartridges.  No Super Nintendo to fix my Super Marion Kart craving, or PlayStation 1 to satisfy my nostalgia for Megaman 7. Fortunately, ... Read More »

Minority Messiah Prompts Outrage

Written By: John Preer  It’s been a rough year for any Aaron McGruder fan out there.  After waiting for news of another installment to “The Boondocks” animated series, there seemed to be light at the end of the dark tunnel that was season three. Fans of “The Boondocks” rejoiced, but only momentarily.  News that the series’ creator would not participate ... Read More »

SGMC Post Da Vinci Robot daV

Written By: John Preer Humans are constantly innovating, evolving and improving upon previous models. The role robotics plays in the field of surgery has been a touchy subject for a while. Questions of ethics and human capability have been the fodder for scholarly debates about the feasibility of robot surgeons. The da Vinci surgical system seems to have found just the ... Read More »

Odum dances with books

Written by: John Preer This past Monday Valdosta State University made an addition to the growing art selection that can be found throughout Odum Library. The newest addition to Odum Library’s collection is courtesy of artist Amalia Amaki.  Amaki is a well-known artist who has had her work exhibited across the nation as well as in many international venues. The ... Read More »

Rain failed to dampen Earth Day festivities


Written by: John Preer     Fear of bad weather moved the Earth Day event inside.  Although the change of venue didn’t compliment the celebration of nature, attendants were still in high spirits as they observed the holiday.  SAVE spread the message of conservation with informational booths and “green” activities.   Attendants enjoyed free food and a live band, while gaining a new reverence for Mother Earth.  Children attending the ... Read More »

March is Social Work Month: Mayor

Written by: John Preer In the first week of March, Valdosta Mayor John Gayle declared the beginning of National Social Work Month. The theme of this year’s Social Work Month is “All People Matter.” This campaign promotes the value of social work and highlights the accomplishments and vital contributions to the community that social workers have made. The information and ... Read More »