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Crate diggers rejoice: The wax comeback


by John Preer Remember way back when? This question is the driving force behind the recent trend of vintage items. This retrospective movement has gone from dusty clothing and discontinued candy to ‘90s cartoons and restored automobiles. People seem to have an involuntary need to reminisce about the “good old days.” Music can be a powerful trigger for memories, but ... Read More »

Glenda Hatchett gives inspiring words Thomas-Pierce Scholarship Dinner

Judge Hatchet

by John Preer Valdosta State’s campus was visited Tuesday by celebrity judge and community activist Glenda Hatchett. Hatchett was the keynote speaker for the Thomas Paine Scholarship dinner held in the Student Union Ballroom. Hatchett is an Atlanta native and still resides in the city. Between filming for her new show and being a spokesperson for CASA, Hatchett has only ... Read More »

Next Flick Picks: New movie pick feature is answer to your online streaming indecision and boredom

by John Preer Drama – Short Term 12 (2013) This week’s drama title is an award winning independent film by director Destin Daniel Cretton. The film centers on a supervisor for a group home of at-risk teens. Brie Larson portrays the main character, Grace, a dedicated caregiver who struggles with juggling her own personal shortcomings and the troubled teens in ... Read More »

Systematic shortcomings to blame for Michael Brown case, not race


Written by: John Preer  The fragile faith minorities have in the justice system has been left out cold in the streets like Michael Brown’s uncovered, lifeless body. The nation is in a state of disarray and a lot of people seem to be confused, misinformed or just oblivious to the situation America has found itself in.  The Michael Brown shooting ... Read More »

A Spectator’s view: Pokémon battle showdown

Written By: Jordan Barela and John Preer This week’s RetroSpec is a little different. Jordan Barela, social media editor, and John Preer, features editor, are two avid Pokémon fans. What do Pokemon fans, especially big fans like these two editors do? They figure out who has the better Pokémon team. There is only one way to figure out whose team ... Read More »

Ebola webinar to educate students

Written By: John Preer Perhaps the most infectious quality of Ebola is the fear that seems to spread just as indiscriminately as the virus itself.  In response to the epidemic, the Georgia Board of Regents will host a one hour webinar on the University System of Georgia’s website. The webinar is called, “Ebola: Guidance for Universities & Colleges,” and is ... Read More »

VSU raises awareness of sexual assault on campus

Written By: John Preer Sexual assault on college campuses has been in national headlines recently because of President Obama’s newly appointed task force. Colleges nationwide have been experiencing a rise in sexual assault against students and as a result, many have undergone some policy changes. California recently passed a law that outlines what qualifies as consent. No longer will silence ... Read More »

Emulators ROMs, Memories

Written By: John Preer I recently got the urge to play a lot of the video games from my childhood. That wasn’t the best idea. Unfortunately, I either no longer had the system or couldn’t find the game cartridges.  No Super Nintendo to fix my Super Marion Kart craving, or PlayStation 1 to satisfy my nostalgia for Megaman 7. Fortunately, ... Read More »