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Pop Addict: Ladies make bank, Peas go on hiatus, new tracks drop

It’s October and not only does it mean fall is here and calling for a wardrobe change, but it’s time for the ladies to check those Ta-Tas! Duh! Its Breast Cancer Awareness month so if you haven’t changed everything that has a picture on a social network to a pink ribbon then go ahead and do so to spread the ...

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PopAddict: Vampires, drama, murder trials abound in weird news

This has been one crazy, long week. Hello, Thursday and cheers to Friday! I’m too ready for the weekend. I need some me-time, seriously. Besides that, can anybody tell me what the heck happened to that brick island in front of Hopper? One day, I’m walking around the thing then poof! It’s gone, just like that. Anyway, who knows with ...

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Get realistic about dating

To be faithful today is like finding a dog that won’t chase a cat. You find a dog that won’t chase a cat and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t cheat. Now, if you live in a fantasy world where Disney’s fairy tale endings are your perception of how every guy you’re into is supposed to be then STOP ...

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PopAddict: Sad songs, nude photos, wedding bells

It’s time to raise awareness for the boobies so who’s wearing pink to the game Saturday at 7 p.m.? So Blazers shall we go all out and pink out the stadium? I think we should and make S. Arkansas aware of more than just the field! So where can we begin? Oh, I did promise to tell you all why ...

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PopAddict: Stars creepin’ and beatin’ on lovers

So who’s going to the ‘Bany for the VSU vs. ASU game Saturday at 7 p.m.? Hopefully, I’ll be able to represent the Blazer nation in Albany and upset some ASU Rams (#evil). Anyway, scandals have never been any better this week! Things are just blowing up around the rich and the (in)famous. Why don’t I jump into it? Ahem ...

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Mom’s the word: This week in Hollywood, Baby boom and more

So who’s ready to turn out Valdosta High stadium for the first home game of the season tonight? I know I am—I have my towel ready! Oh, who runs the world? Blazer Women’s soccer and volleyball team do. Congrats on the winning streak ladies! Good news just follows good news and in celeb-mom news, Mel B from the groovy girls ...

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Pop Addict: VMA Wrap-Up

What’s good, pop addicts? Just another hot day at VSU, huh? The heat really is a pretty big nuisance. Can you say winter, please? Anyway, one thing you know you can get from me is the latest celebs news, and like I promised last Thursday, I got something JUICY—the VMAs! So did anyone actually understand the opening with Lady—or, Sir—Gaga? ...

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PopAddict: Death, divorce, love in Hollyweird

What’s popping, pop addicts!? Did you miss me any? Don’t answer that! If you haven’t heard a lot of drama since the last time we talked, then you obviously haven’t been tuned in to any media outlets. I don’t know what I’m more excited about. So how about I fill you in on the excitement of last week. Where to ...

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Sankofa teaches life lessons

The African American Studies program has been honoring the accomplishments of Valdosta State University graduates for years, and this year will mark its Tenth Annual Multicultural Sankofa Celebration on May 5 at 6 p.m. in the Student Union Theater. The ceremony will acknowledge spring, summer and fall 2011 graduates. The words “san” (return), “ko” (go) and “fa” (look, seek and ...

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PopAddict: Hollywood seeks new stars, shows

What’s up addicts? Wait a minute! There’s like a week left of school. Where the “jack” did April go? I don’t even remember pranking anybody on April 1. Finals are here; how will I cope? I know one way…and I believe my addicts do too. Duh, with the latest dirt on Hollyweird! Now what is this I hear about President ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!