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PopAddict: Hudson into supernatural, GaGa misunderstood

 What’s poppin’ pop addicts? Another day, but at least it’s at the end of the week.   Some people got baked Wednesday and others went to Mickey D’s for that job interview (I know some people were car pooling—but I’m not calling out any names), so overall who can complain?   So let’s get into this dirt for this week, shall we? ...

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Dreams come true for Woods

 Some people have dreams that they never dare to step out and pursue, but not this individual.   Edrick Woods, junior mass media major, who is commonly known as “Bloo,” began chasing his dream through art and hip-hop—at 20 years old, he didn’t wait until his degree was in his hands to do so.  Inspired by anything artistic, Woods found a ...

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Pop Addict: Hollywood’s dark side comes out to play

How’s it going fellow pop addicts!? I would rate my week an 8.5 out of 10. Yes, it was just that great. I have to say that the impersonation show Tuesday was a treat! If you missed the show, you missed out on a lot. It was too much for Twitter—seriously! Anyway, let me get right into it because I ...

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Baby bump, reality shows, hit singles in, football out

 Hello fellow pop addicts! This week’s weather has been like a rollercoaster, hasn’t it?  So who’s ready for this week’s dirt? I know you are because I have some treats for you!  All the big ballers who didn’t find it smart to invest are about to be hurt big-time with the lockout.  So with Sundays and Mondays gone, what will ...

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“Good” celebrities go bad, GaGa gets fashion column

 Hey fellow pop addicts! It’s been a rainy week so far, hasn’t it? I really need to invest in some rain boots—any ideas anyone?   While you’re trying to come up with some places for me to go, I’m going to go ahead and dish out the dirt for this week!  The State Trooper has been busy, busy, busy, I see! ...

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Sheen fired, Smith seeks young audience

So, who’s ready for spring break? I know I am! I brought out my flip flops, beach towel and hopefully I can snag me a hottie in hot Miami. No matter where you’re going—I pray that this break takes you somewhere—remember to have fun and let loose! But before you do that, let me send you away with something to ...

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GaGa goes alien, ‘Dancing’ is back

Happy Thursday, fellow addicts! Glad the week is over?? Spring break is right around the corner, and I couldn’t get any higher than I am (hope I don’t run into any of you all in Miami). Now, I must start this week off by congratulating Mr. Anthony, Carmelo Anthony at that for that ridiculous game against the Heat. I believe ...

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Pop Addict: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Who’s enjoying this lovely weather so far this week? I see some of the girls have brought out their dresses and sandals—giving the guys something to take a second look at! Go ahead with your bad self then. Now, it’s time to fix you guys a serving of what’s been happening in the lives of the rich, the famous, and ...

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Cyrus concerned, MTV staple returns

 What’s up you POP addicts? I hope cupid treated you better than he did me on Valentine’s Day. I actually heard some people saying that they no longer recognized Feb.14 as V-Day but “Single’s Awareness Day.” I know some single people became aware when the flowers, hearts and candy became unbearable out on the pedestrian walk around noon, but we’re ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!