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3D printing comes to VSU

Written by Olivia McLean   Although it sounds like a future invention, 3D printing has made its way onto the VSU campus.   This past year, VSU purchased two machines named the Replicator—a desktop 3D printer introduced in January 2012 and manufactured by MakerBot Industries.   “Basically, it uses plastic to build things in layers,” Michael Holt, assistant professor and ...

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Spring Break: Ladies breathe comfortably in the heat

Written by Olivia McLean   Spring break is probably the most highly anticipated college “holiday.” Preparations begin months ahead of time and include finding the perfect wardrobe for a week-long vacation. Since most of spring break will be spent either on the beach sipping piña coladas or partying until the sun comes up, it’s more likely that us girls are ...

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Gender roles surpress expression

Written by Olivia McLean   Growing up, I remember watching movies that had the “typical” family. There was a mom who stayed home and took care of the house and children, a dad who went to work (usually a mechanic or office job) and 2 kids—a boy who played sports outside with his friends and a girl who played with ...

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Poodles to continue hosting Greek Week

Written by Olivia McLean   This week, the VSU campus has been seeing a bit more navy blue and gold than usual. Sigma Gamma Rho is hosting SGRho Spring Week 2k13. According to vice president Maria Phelps, the purpose of this week is to keep SGRho’s name out there among VSU’s campus. “Our aim is to enhance the quality of ...

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VSUPD works relieve campus of bicycle thefts

Written by Olivia McLean   Of the many different modes of transportation, bicycles are quite common on the VSU campus, with that, so are bicycle thefts. The trend of bike thefts might not take many people by surprise. According to VSUPD investigator Sgt. Matt Maestas, less than 70 bicycle thefts were reported in 2012. “[Bike theft] does occur out here, ...

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Pirates assist big business

By Olivia McLean   With a shift from CD-ROMS and cassette tapes to digital downloads that can be bought and played on a computer, piracy has become an increasing problem. File-sharing programs such as LimeWire and BitTorrent and websites such as the now-defunct MegaUpload.com, have made piracy easily accessible to the public. Many anti-piracy advocates argue that online piracy is ...

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