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VSU parking officials reveals parking updates

News of a new parking model came out at SGA’s first meeting of the year, but students will have to wait a little longer for the finished product, according to VSU’s top parking official. Last year, the Parking and Transportation Department of VSU came up with a model to improve the parking system on campus. This model was ultimately rejected. ...

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‘Their voice is valued’: SGA cabinet makes students top priority for 2018

The students and staff of VSU work hard, but SGA is working even harder. Bringing in a new academic year, the SGA cabinet, consisting of President Jacob Bell, Vice President Amea Thompson, Secretary Rachel Tessin and Comptroller Krupesh Patel, have big plans for the students. According to them, the students are their reason for joining. “In the university committee, the ...

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Editorial: SGA takes baby steps toward campus improvement

This year will end my third year at VSU, but it will be the first year observing the well-oiled machine that the Student Government Association can be. According to their page on VSU’s website, SGA’s earliest record starts in 1978, meaning that the organization is at least 39, going on 40, years old. From the average 40-year-old, it’s expected for ...

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Editorial: VSU’s new parking proposal broadens issues with parking

Over the past few weeks, SGA and the Department of Parking and Transportation have worked together to propose a new parking model for VSU. The Tiered Parking proposal divides VSU into three different color-coded zones: gold, blue and green. These zones come with paid parking passes whose price and priority vary by color. The Tiered Parking model has a first-come-first-serve ...

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Students are concerned with parking on campus

Everyone runs a little late sometimes. Parking close to class is essential when it comes to getting there on time. However, parking on main and north campus is a game of chance for students who are avoiding tickets. Main campus does not offer many parking opportunities. There are a couple of spots outside Hopper Hall for 45-minute parking, but no ...

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