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Budget cuts threaten history

Campus has been buzzing this week with the news of one of the biggest tragedies our state has seen in the recent economic crisis. Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, released a statement to the press declaring that beginning Nov. 1, the Georgia State Archives would no longer be open to the public. To access them, one would need to make ...

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VSU events running on empty

Anyone who has been to a campus event in the last year can attest to the fact that students simply aren’t as interested in them as they used to be. Certainly classwork, jobs, and private social events get in everyone’s way, but what if that’s not the whole story?  � Most campus events are hosted by organizations. They have the ...

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The halls run out residents

At the airport, we expect to be monitored. We expect to have to show multiple kinds of I.D. We even expect to have to walk through a metal detector to make sure we don’t have any weapons on our person. To get on an airplane, this behavior is standard. It should not, however, be standard procedure to get to a ...

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Scheduled Maintenance

The VSU WebSpectator will be undergoing some website maintenance starting at 2:00pm on December 31st, in preparation for the new semester. Please forgive our mess as we work to update, upgrade, and rework parts of our website. Thank you! Rebecka McAleer, Web Editor

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Reade RA’s put on Triwizard Tournament to promote camaraderie

“So teach us things worth knowing, bring back what we’ve forgot; Just do your best, we’ll do the rest, and learn until our brains all rot!” – J.K. Rowling So states the school song of the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, featured in J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter series. The quote takes on new meaning this year for ...

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