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People poll: How do you feel about politics after 2017?

“My views have changed only because we went from Obama to Trump and I don’t know how to deal with it,” Devin Neal, a junior business major, said. “My views on politics haven’t really changed. Trump with this wall though; I see his purpose, but there are many ways he can work around that. With all this foreign policy, I ...

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People poll: How do you deal with stress?

“I deal with stress by listening to gospel music,” Essence Gram, a junior criminal justice major, said. “I pray to God every morning and every night so when I encounter problems I know how to deal with them,” Ashanti Henderson, a sophomore biology pre-pharmacy major, said. “I make a list and I check everything off so I make sure I get ...

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Students upset with cancellation of VSU night at Wild Adventures

For the past nine years, VSU held an event during homecoming week at Wild Adventures theme park called “VSU Night.” The park admitted free entrance to students on VSU night. This year, there is no special night. However, the park is offering a $15 ticket price on Friday nights in October for students with a valid VSU ID. While this ...

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People Poll: Do you prefer an early or late class?

A lot of students have different opinions whether morning classes or late classes are better. A poll was taken of a few students to see what they prefer, early classes or late classes?   “I prefer late classes because I don’t like getting up early.” Jake Bartee, Sophomore, Nursing Major “I prefer early classes because football practice. We have meeting, ...

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VSU students speak out on college struggles

Throughout September, VSU sent out a survey to all students, calling for them to “speak out” on their college experience. The “Speak Out” survey asks questions about the living, financial and work situations that current students are going through. Acting director of the Wisconsin HOPE lab, Jed Richardson, said the survey was sent to get a better grasp on what ...

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VSU IT department says ‘no’ to phishing

Written by Bryce Ethridge, News Editor In recent years phishing has become a big trend among hackers and scammers, but VSU Chief Information Security Officer Gary Miller and the Information Technology department have the students covered. According to its definition, phishing is the fraudulent sending of emails purporting to be from reputable companies to get people to reveal their personal ...

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