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Trump banned from Social Media

President Donald Trump was stripped of his beloved Twitter account. After the events that took place at our nation’s capital, many social media platforms have swiftly moved to rid Trump of his account. While many Democrats praised this decision, other Democrats feel as though this action was taken far too late because Trump and his colleagues have spread false information ...

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Opinion: The U.S. must consider options in Syria

Last week on a Friday evening, President Trump decided to initiate missile strikes on various different locations in Syria. These air strikes, having been deliberated on for quite a number of days before they were fired, were met with a great deal of criticism from the left and the right, and surprisingly, were also greeted with praise from different factions ...

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Students discuss Trump’s Twitter post against North Korea

President Donald Trump has been one of the most active presidents on social media, especially on Twitter. Starting in December, Twitter began to enforce and push a new platform against threatening tweets, yet Trump has not been banned after posting tweets threatening a nuclear war. According to Twitter’s general guidelines and policies, “you may not make specific threats of violence ...

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