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Michael Myers returns in ‘Halloween Kills’

Michael Myers strikes back in ‘Halloween Kills’. After the ending of the ‘Halloween’ film in 2018, Myers has returned to terrorize those who escaped him. Laurie Strode (reprised by Jamie Lee Curtis) and her granddaughter, Karen Strode (Judy Greer), flee from the blaze in the previous film’s finale, pursued by Myers, as they attempt to get away from what can ...

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The ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ craze

Trends come and go, but one trend that has stayed since the dawn of cell phones is mobile games. Whether it’s Pong or Flappy Bird, these games have been staples and found on most phones today. The Ovenbreak franchise has been around since 2009 and has stayed popular since its creation. Their newest game, however, has taken the internet by ...

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GUIDES introduces new wishing wall to provide hope for wishful community

It’s safe to say that colleges and universities everywhere have been shaken by the effects of the looming coronavirus this past year. While professors struggle with learning names and half-masked faces in the classroom, students are struggling with overwhelming workloads and the fear of the unknown regarding their futures. These struggles are being acknowledged everywhere, and here at VSU, The ...

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Editorial: VSU Professors are adding on to the current stress of students

As we all know, life has been turned upside down thanks to COVID-19. Stress is at an all-time high nowadays. Do professors and other teachers care?  With most classes being online, many would expect the workload to be easier and less overwhelming than what is expected in face-to-face classes. To students, it feels like some professors are piling on assignments ...

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