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The sky was falling on Carver

A peculiar thing happened  in the P.E. Complex on Monday night; it rained.
Well not literally, but if you ask the players from Carver Bible’s basketball team the balls were definitely falling from everywhere. The Valdosta Blazers hit 17 three pointers   in 40 minutes of play and won  the game 122-79.
Surprising it didn’t break  the record for threes in a game, but that seems like a technicality considering this team is only getting started with the season.
The team hit 17 of 33 shots from range. Yes, that is over 50 percent and, yes, that      is ridiculous. Ricardo Lewis   was 6-8 from beyond the arch which doesn’t usually happen, even for guys like Kobe and LeBron.
If there were any questions about the team No. 7 preseason ranking in the polls, then that first performance should have answered them. The team  came out with a game plan only to discover that Carver still runs  a 1950s defense so the Blazers decided to practice shooting from as far away as possible.
The only knock against the unbelievable performance could be that the competition  is lacking, Carver is 0-5 on the season. The truth is though just because a guy is open from three-point range doesn’t mean he is going to make it.
Regardless of how or why the Blazers hit 17 threes, the fact that they did had the P. E. Complex going crazy. The  fans who packed the stadium  to the overflow seats loved the aerial show.  With each three and the occasional dunk or    alley-oop, the crowd roared  letting the Blazer hear the approval of the high quality show. The Complex Crazies seemed to be having a pretty good time, too.
The threes seemed to be falling from the sky all night and nobody knew it better than the Cougars, the unfortunate victim of the offensive dazzling. It was a great way   to start the season and it has the Blazer fans looking forward to a little more of what the team had going on last  season.
The only real question this season isn’t whether the team will really be that good, but whether or not the Blazers are going to be as much fun to watch the whole season as  they were on Monday night. That is a question that will be answered soon enough. For now just take a page out of the Complex Crazies’ book, and enjoy the show.

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