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Librarian search narrows to two

The University Librarian Search Committee has narrowed its choice for a new library director to two candidates, Dr. Kimberly Kelley and Dr. Sarah Cron.

 According to her resume, Dr. Cron received her Ph.D. in Library and Information Science at Indiana University and previously served as the assistant director for User Services for the library system at University of Missouri.  She has also taught library courses at University of Arizona, Indiana University, and Southwest Missouri State University.

 Dr.Kelley has a Ph.D. in Higher Education Policy, Planning, and Administration from University of Maryland, College Park. Her resume also states she currently serves as the director of Assessment and Academic Planning at the University of Wisconsin.  

 The committee began its search last year and plans to review each candidate until one of them is offered the job.

 If the job is offered to a candidate and she accepts it, then the search is a success.  If neither candidate is offered the job, or if the job is turned down by either candidate, then the search will continue. 

 “The search is still in progress,” Dr. Jane Zahner, head of the Librarian Search Committee, said.

 Currently, Alan Bernstein serves as interim Library Director until July 1, when the newly appointed director is set to take over.  He has been serving as library director since Jan. 1.
 “It was a very enjoyable learning experience to work with all of the different insights within the library,” Bernstein said.  “We have a lot of really good faculty here in Odum and it has been a pleasure.”

 The committee is expected to end its search by July 1.

 “I believe that a decision should be forthcoming coming fairly soon,” Dr. Wallace Koehler, master of the Library and Information Science Program, said.  “However, I suspect that no one really knows what the outcome of this round will be.”

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