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Party drug sweeps VSU

A new recreational drug that has become popular with students in recent weeks has been banned in at least one state and under investigation in a number of other states.

NightLights, a single-packaged red horse pill, is sold at shops such as An Even Greater Divide and some places near Atlanta and is said to produce feelings similar to ecstasy.

The product is sold by a company named New Life Herbal Incense. Alibaba.com, the website that sells NightLights and other types of herbal products, is one of the many distributors of this drug.

According to Arrey Fred, sales manager for New Life Herbal Incense, methylenedioxypyrovaleron or MDPV, a psychoactive drug, is the active ingredient contained in the pill.

“It is a research chemical used in making these products,” Fred said.

Once taken, users will experience a feeling of euphoria in about 30 minutes, which keeps consumers coming back to head shops for more.

“It’s like someone lifts every negative thought off your mind and exposes you to everything you were blinded from,” Michael Schwartz, freshman marketing major, said.

Weekends filled with late night parties and going from bar to bar is when NightLights users have the most fun.

“It makes you feel like a champion, coolest kid in the party,” Ben McGaha, freshman dance major said. “The fact that it is legal is definitely the better part.”

MDPV is available in a variety of forms and has become popular in other states in products known as bath salts that go by names such as “Vanilla Sky” and “Ivory Wave,” according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pennsylvania is one state where legislators are working to ban the substance. A number of incidents have led to the concern including:
•A couple attempted to attack “voices in the wall” and almost slashed their 5-year-old daughter
•A man under the influence of MDPV was caught burglarizing a house and was caught and told police he was “chased by electricity.”
•Two men died in Allegheny National Forest after using MDPV.

According to nj.com in New Jersey, a woman claims that her son was abusing the substance and killed Rutgers University senior Pamela Schmidt.

Louisiana has gotten hold of the circulating popularity and banned the substance.  According to News 21, the bath salts are still legal because the label says “not for human consumption.”

Louisiana Senator Larry Farnese banned the product due to an increased crime rate and calls to the Poison Control Center.

Another state has actually  banned this potentially dangerous drug.  In January, Florida issued an emergency outlaw of MDPV, according to Citrus Daily’s Internet Newspaper.

The product was banned and removed from head shops and convenient stores within days.

The origins of the pill are scarcely known, but it could originate from Limbe, in the Republic of Cameroon, which is a country on the western coast of Africa or an unknown company in California, according to Fred.

Although this pill is only sold to adults 18 and over, there are certain rules sellers stress consumers to abide by.

At An Even Greater Divide, the employees stress to not drive or take more than one pill within 24 hours.

“Honestly, when you’re on it, the last thing you want to do is drive,” Schwartz said. “You just want to be constantly standing and walking around.”

Since NightLights hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug  Administration yet, eyebrows of speculation are rising in question of the health risk of the product.

No employees at An Even Greater Divide were able to comment on the health risks or any other background information on the pill.

While most students are taking the pill regardless, others are hesitant to do so because of the unknowns risk factors involved.

NightLights, for some students, is seen as a substitute for illegal ecstasy. But it does raise words of warning from authorities.

“It just depends on your chemistry,” VSUPD Officer Carolyn Glock said.  “I think it comes down to you just have to use your judgment and decide is  this good for me.”

Drugs like MDMA, which has similar effects, may seem the same, but without legitimate proof of the same harmful ingredients, there is no case.

“There’s something different about it, just like spice is to marijuana,” freshman Luke Klaer, undecided major, said.  “Spice gives you a high feeling, just like NightLights just gives you an intense roll.”

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  2. Meow kitty meow

    Look i trid the daylight about 12hrs ago and the high was amazi.g but now my head hurts my stomach feels shizzy and I also just had the best sexytime!!! This is great but i can def see how it can ruin ur life i dnt become addicted to things quickly but as soon as i was done with the pill i wanted moreto def an addictive drug but its awesome 2 bad they r trying to ban it in NYS

  3. I’ve took the rave brand several times. I was addicted to pain pills for seven years…clean 2. I’ve found that if I open the capsule and take small amounts throughout the day it gives me energy and a “happy” feeling like pills always did. I have to be honest…it gives me headaches sometimes and definitely if I don’t eat before I do the first little bit of the day. I know I should stop the bad habit but its fun… I’m wondering if anyone can answer or direct me to finding out the ingredients. I’m concerned that it has something that will later on effect me.

  4. It amazes me how many people are uninformed about this substance. Let’s get one thing straight: it is NOT extacy (obviously because it’s legal) and is much cleaner as far as its ingredients are concerned. Sure it has similar effects but if you’re an idiot and take a shitton of them all at once, I believe that is your fault for being irresponsible. Besides, 1 pill is like $15 to $20 each so if you want to spend a lot of money buying every freaking Nightlight or Daylight pill they have in stock, use your head and don’t swallow them all at once. I’ve been taking these kinds of pills from the head shops for a good while, including Mollys brands, and have not seen one trip to the hospital. Wanna know why? Because I’m not an idiot.

    Do some research, read the stories about the people that get sick or die from these pills and you’ll find out that they either took a lot at once or they took their stupidity to the next level and injected it using needles and crap. I agree that this should stay legal but its people like that who ruin it for everybody else who is responsible enough to handle it. I understand tolerance builds up but that doesn’t mean to take more. That’s your body telling you to slow down.

  5. I took Daylights for the first time this morning. The high was fantastic but nothing near the real coke or ecstasy. Peaks and valleys. Was told by shop it’ll last 8-10 hours but I was happy high for only 4. Can still feel it buzzing around 6 hours after taking but not as much. Pretty sure I’m coming down, which is nothing compared to the real thing – no anger or sadness. Just very mellow. I have a Lucid (supposed to be just like Nightlights,) that I’m contemplating on taking in a few hours. I should wait until tomorrow but the suspense is killing me lol.
    I did not become suicidal. I did not become homicidal. My heart did not pound out of my chest. I did not become paranoid. I am a former user of ‘incense,’ before it became illegal here in Georgia, and had zero ill effects from that as well. I believe these tragic stories are from folks who did not take the substance responsibly. Kids especially, will do anything in excess. They never have a beer in moderation. They drink to get drunk. And like these legal highs, they’ll misuse the hell out of them too.

    If alcohol and cigarettes are legal, keep these items legal as well. However I’d recommend upping the age to 21 and older. Though there’s not many years difference, the responsibility between an 18 year old vs. a 21 year old is quite different.

    My $.02.

  6. This drug is not different than any other stimulant,I am a drug addict with decades of drug abuse issues. I am a chronic user who has tried to stop many times,there has been many attempts to stop getting high,so far nothing has stopped me from searching,obtaining ,and using drugs,including,the birth of my children,about a decade of my life incarcerated in prison, county jail,and other institutions.My primary drug of choice has always been heroin and cocaine.At this point of my life I am currently on an intense form of parole stemming from a drug charge.I am tested for drugs a least 3 times a week.I still get high,but it is on substances that are not looked for in my urine screens suboxon,nightlights,and daylights are what i settle for at this time.I am also a IV drug user, to me ,that is the most effective way to get the most intense reactions from any hard drug.I shoot nightlights and can’t believe that it is legal, it is more intense,than other stimulants like coke,and meth, there is no way any one can convince me that this drug is safe by any means. Personally I believed that all drugs should be legal ,it is a personal choice what we chose to put into are own bodies ,and who the fuck is the government to tell us what we can,or cannot put into our own bodies.
    That being said,this bathsalt craze is nothing to be taken lightly this stuff is hardcore,the fact that it is (at least for the time being ) legal doesn’t take away how dangerous it could be if abused.The bottom line is be careful with this stuff,because I know that it is highly addictive ,and has the same ,if not more of a potential to fuck your life up just as much as any other hard drug can.Other than that all I can say is enjoy,&try not to let it get the best of you.

    • Your post was heart felt. I’ve been addicted to pain pills for almost ten years. I’ve started taking the rave and molly brands for a few weeks now…I open the capsule and eat a small amount during the day. It gives me burst of energy like pills always did. I feel like shit at times and don’t sleep good.bu like u I’m an addict and I enjoy getting high. Good luck dude…I hope to one day not crave a high.

  7. i think every person can make their own choices and its supid to even think about makin them illegal

  8. I tried a half of this pill, and it almost ripped my heart apart, and almost panicked to death, very strong stimulant, thank god i didn’t take the whole pill. I weighted the powder from whole pill and it weights 500 mg, i hope this is not all MDpv, because MDPV is active at around 10-20 mg, 500 would rip anyone apart. Be aware.

  9. Nightlights are the shit

  10. Daylights has 8 doses, not 1. Just something to keep in mind when you decide to take the whole pill.

  11. i took it and felt amazing, i could not comprehend anger at the time, life was perfect, i took it the next day (22 hours later) had a major panic attack my bp was 165/120 with a pulse of 205 after that will not try it again.

  12. I reluctantly tried it after MUCH consideration, and I’m glad that I did. Whether or not to take them is a personal choice that each individual has to make. I would much rather see people buy “drugs” that are at least somewhat controlled than to be killed by a drug deal gone bad. At least this way it is profitable to a business and taxes are being collected.

  13. short term effects are fantastic after extensive use your body mind and soul becomes drained and you have demonic thoughts of murder and suicide, you act only on negative emotion. i know that sounds crazy but i know because a few months ago i was to the point where i was taking 3 a day was addicted. i was shitting my pants and felt nautious all the time. lucky for me i had some legal issues interfere wich ultimatly steered me away from the drug. i have an addictive personality as is. looking back on it the pill scares the shit out of me i thank god i’m not dead. i have a long drug history of doing everything from pot to meth and i fell in love with this drug. it is scary great people please stay away from it. yea sex is amazing but after the drug has forced your brain to release all the dopemine you have left all you do is make decisions based on negative thoughts and emotion wich will lead to severe unwanted consequences LEAVE IT ALONE!

  14. There is a difference between DAYLIGHTS & NIGHTLIGHTS. Nightlights is a more chill high, while Daylights is more intense & the come down last for 4 days & you are MISERABLE for those 4 days.

    They no longer sell Nightlights in the state of Georgia because a bunch of high school kids took them at prom. They sell something just like it called Lucid (available at Even Greater). It’s the same but just a different package & name. The come down is almost non-existent & there isn’t that much clinching.

    This pill shouldn’t be banned. Before knowing about these pills, I was always curious about trying x but now I have no interest because something legal & less harsh is out there.

  15. In my oppinion people are going to find these drugs and keep making them leagle or not. Cigs and alchahol are killers to but there leagle. I think some form of these drugs should be leagle and I think people should kno about them and there should be some education about taking them. Therefore you can read about it and decide for your self and it ask a doctor if you can take them for fun on accasion without risk. Instead there so secret that you have to hear about them from a friend, the package says bath salt and not to eat it rather than just telling u the ingredients and warnings so you kno before you take some pill that was good for ur friend but maybe not for you.

  16. Extremely Dangerous!!! The other night i was at a friends house and consumed these pills. I was going into seizures and sat on the toilet for 3 hours before i was able to pee. Its extremely bad for your body because now (4 days later) i am still very shakey and jittery. If it wasn’t for my friend and her knowledge of seizures i would have died that night. guys PLEASE do not mess with this drug. It was an experience for me that opened my eyes to realize life is precious and meaningful. i only hope nobody has to go through what i went through. I have taken these in the past and thought the same thing, its a fun Ecstasy type of feeling. I learned my lesson- no more drugs ever again. I hope you can learn from my mistakes and not have to make them urself

  17. I took these once, expecting nothing, but what I got was totally different. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had, followed by the worst. It lasted about 8 hours, coming and going in waves, though effects were felt the whole next day. On nIghtlights I was happy and loved everyone and everything, with more energy than Ive had in a long time. Though my jaw clenched terribly I had muscle cramps I was elated. Afterwards I felt the most horrible comedown. Despite being exhausted I constantly needed to be talking and talking. I had terrible muscle spasms when I tried to sit still and got terrible sores in my mouth from clenching. Tried a half of pill a week later (very addictive) and the same happened. Wouldnt recommend this to anyone, no matter how good it seems at first.

    • Yours was the on point fact of what I heard about this drug on this site! I did a million of these 5 years ago until they stopped selling them and it was very intense for about 5 or 6 hours and felt like shit the next day!

  18. This stuff is really addictive… I was selling to my friends but stopped when they couldnt control themselves… Honestly, if they had no money i could easily get them to do stuff they never would before for the pill… It basically ruined their lives… I take 1 a week and do just fine, these guys take 1 or more a DAY. Honestly its harmless if you follow the directions on the package, I would recommend not to do them everyday.

  19. I’ve taken it before. I only take it on weekends and this completely forgot to mention whats written on the back “Used as a sexual stimulant”
    This is very true. I think that having intercourse while on nightlights is an absolutly amazing feeling.
    I think its great and should remain legal.

  20. This is stupid I have done 4 of those pills in one night an I was just fine nothing bad is going to happen it’s all mind over matter grow up

  21. This makes you feel just like your on ecstasy but the intense high only lasts a couple hours. You probably won’t be able to fall asleep and will lose your apetite. You will have a hard time getting your friend up for action. And u will feel a little weird for a couple days after. No headaches like xtc though. Can’t believe it’s legal

  22. Yeah these things are not bad at all. I was a little skeptical about taking it but Im def glad I did. Its just like any other psychoactive drug in that it will intensify how you are as a person, so just keep that in mind especially if you are the paranoid or worrisome type

  23. This is stupid! People do stupid stuff while they’re rolling because they can’t handle it! I personally think the couple who did it with their child home should be put in jail! I’ve taken it three times. It’s the best feeling in the world. You don’t hurt. You don’t get angry. You have energy and you love everyone. The roll itself only lasts about six hours and when you come down, you come down feeling just as good- opposite from beans.
    If you think banning Night Lights is a good decision, ban alcohol and cigarettes too. They’re actually bad for your health.

  24. Personally a half of a nightlight does just enough for me. But a whole isnt deadly either

  25. What kind of idiots are fine with being quoted about drugs?

    “There’s something different about it, just like spice is to marijuana,” freshman Luke Klaer, undecided major, said. “Spice gives you a high feeling, just like NightLights just gives you an intense roll.”

    Do you ever want to get a job one day?

  26. ive taken it…its no worse than alcohol. but yea do not drive and dont take more than 1. you just have to be responsible and not be stupid. i see no reason for it too be illegalized. it is way cleaner than exctacy and there is no bad come down.

    • Iv taken it to it dont last as long as ex but still has an intense high for like two hours then you come down from your peak but i agree with your response. for the others on here leave the dude alone so what if his spelling sucks or he cant write i could still read it stop being ass holes.

  27. The substance in Night Lights is NOT MDPV. Anyone can do basic research and figure that out. The capsule is 50 state legal, which MDPV is not. The capsule also contains many more milligrams than an active dose of MDPV. Also, look up MDPV effects and relate them to anyone who has taken Night Lights, you’ll find that the effects of MDPV are recorded to be much different than what will be reported. Shoddy reporting, now more people know about a substance’s existence without any added safety.

  28. Internet Righttoanonymity

    Alibaba is a website for exporters/importers to connect with each other on an international level. There are countless of other products available from alibaba (clothes, canned food, electronics, etc….) that are not drugs. You have incredibly poor writing skills(not saying mine are better but I’m not an article writer), and even poorer research abilities. Alibaba does not sell ANYTHING except for perhaps subscriptions and advertising space- it’s a website for networking.

  29. VSUPD Carolyn Glock

    Remember these are chemicals you are introducing into your body. There is still the unknown of both the long and short term effects of the drug and how they will react with your chemistry. Before embarking on this sometimes glamorized high please think about the consequences of your actions. If I do this, what happens next. Be safe.

    • Yeah yeah. where can i get some? i got so much work to do right now im huntin down stimulants to stay awake and all i can find is people talking about it. just like anythings legality, if you are not a dumb@$$ you should be able to make your own decisions on what you do to your body. want people to stop dying from synthetics? legalize everything. people will do what people want to do, and they will ALWAYS find a way.

  30. You need to work on your writing skills. This could almost be an interesting article.

    • I agree that the article had some grammatical problems. But i found the lack of substance and detail to be what was really lacking. I use nightlights on rare occasion and I know it is not good for me, but some many nice substances have undesirable side effects. If you want to know the long term effects of chronic us you are basically on you own. Even with FDA approved drugs, look at all the law suits that surface after the long term use effects start to surface. Hope I didn’t bore you but now i need to go smoke some herb, hash and maybe a little spice as my night lights are winding down. Peace

  31. You would need your head looked at to touch ANY of this crap!!!

    • This is not meant to be hostile or pro drug use. In fact my true values are to try to stay clean and healthy, but I know that I will use marijuana at probably daily for the rest of my life. It is the least harmful of all the drugs I have tried but this is just my opinion. I am 50+ and have smoked every day of my life (since 13) except for a few times/ periods when (stopped the first year of graduate school) it was not possible. This is both a problem and a solution for me to get through life with my problems. I did want to respond to your post though.
      Anyone that begins to use drugs especially new and unknow substances or combinations. I am one of these persons and regarding having my head checked i recently have, seen several psychiatrists. I will just add that if you should make your way into a psychiatrists office see how they prescribe medicine from a scant history that they take from you. Their medications are for some a life save but you have to take them daily sometimes several in combo and the don’t get you high but they may harm me in the long run too, so i took lexapro, wellbutrin and lamyctal. All powerful drugs that helped me for a while with a severe depression that i sunk into and too for about six months. I began to to feel like i could live without the meds every day. (Many people should stay on their meds for longer periods as per their doctors). The had side effects, sexual and lethargy, and that’s not the “normal” me so I weaned off slowly and now am back the the crazy guy that smokes a lot of weed and plays with strong things only on occasion. To young folk that are certainly going to try some of the substances i would suggest seeing how others react. let someone else be the first to try new stuff as there have been reports (i have see imitation spice in packets you can’t tell the difference) I prefer the real things and if you are careful you can get almost any real drug for the imitations). Lasty i would like to apologize for writing a short story but would like to end but tell the Youth of today be very careful if you choose to do drugs of any sort including alcohol. Addiction is an awful state to be in. know one know when the try something even once whether the will like it in ways the lead the to addiction. You have an entire life to try drugs… Why not wait until you are established and have what you really want to achieve lest you get too hooked and loose you dreams. When yoou were just a kid say 5 and the ice cream man can and you had you favorite flavor, you were so happy and feeling good with out any substances. You can feel that happy again without drugs if you work at it. So i have no yet achieved this return to being happy with out some weed and this is kinda sad. Also kind sad that I still risk my health doing over the counter legal highs. But thank G-d for the marijuana is seems to be my best medicine. Helps with chronic pain and though is is reported to actually make people more ANXIOUS if feel great when i smoke due to anxiety. I feel like nothing much matters and i can sit for a while and play guitar or meditate or what ever. And i do play a little better high i have proof, recordings! Peace

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