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Newest Twilight installment cleans up at box office

Twilight’s 4th movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1 easily won the Thanksgiving box office number one spot with a $62.3 million win over the break with Disney’s The Muppets closely coming at number 2 with $42 million gross.

Like other Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn did not disappoint fans. Although unlike other Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn might have actually won over unlikely Twilight critics.

While action scenes where limited compared to the prequels, a strong storyline finally satisfied what Twilight fans were waiting for. Blood, demons, and romance defiantly fulfilled the big screens during this past break.

“Like most guys, I was drug into the film by my girlfriend,” Zack Saxon, junior mass media major said. “However overall it was a good film. It featured great aesthetics from sound to editing styles. As always the editor Virginia Katz did an excellent job with a lot of the cutting on action as usual. A good storyline and plot made for an overall great fantasy drama.”

Even so, Twilight is an extravaganza, to be critically judged on two different levels—one for the readers and aficionados of the actual Twilight mania and one for everybody else that does not fit that category.

While non-Twilight fans can justly argue the almost nauseating soap-opera acting, critics have to give it to the effects and production of the movie. It was well-made, and with its highest budget of $110 million, the dollars came through.

With that, nonreaders might misunderstand Bella and Edwards’ love child with a bizarre sense none the less or ultimately awesome in a fantastical perspective.

For Twilight fans, the movie was aimlessly what they had imagined in the most gory of the books so far. Bella and Edwards’ scenes were smokier than ever, the wedding was pictured perfect. A real “fairy-tale”, down to Bella’s beautifully created wedding dress.

“I liked the 4th movie because the actors seem a lot more in tune with their roles,” Tanya Ard, sophomore, political science major said. “Some scenes were cut to make it PG13, but it still managed to tell the story without leaving key parts. Overall, I am looking forward to seeing the 2nd part.”

A year from now Twilight viewers, as well as the rest of the world, will finally be at peace with the vampire/werewolf teen love mania with Breaking Dawn Part 2. Until then spectators from both spectrums will continue to debate the worldwide obsession.

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