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Global prayer movement brings students together

VSU students gathered around the flag pole at 7 a.m. Wednesday morning for a global movement of prayer, better known as See You At The Pole.

 VSU’s current president, William J. McKinney attended briefly to show support, as well as assistant to vice president for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Richard Lee. Head representatives from campus ministry associations were also present including CJ Harp, the head of the Wesley Foundation and Baptist Collegiate Ministry leader, Jeff Ford. Xchange Ministries leader, Martiez Moore led the overall ceremony.

 Students mingled and introduced themselves before participating in worship. They then held hands in unity and silence as Moore led them into a minute of prayer between each specific topic on the agenda. Students prayed specifically for economic, governmental and spiritual restoration, as well as the good health of VSU authorities. Prayers were also bestowed on faculty, staff and administration.

 The event ended with asking God for academic success and strength for their fellow students regarding stressful assignment deadlines, domestic problems and safety.

 Martiez expressed his excitement to join with tens of thousands of people in prayer.

 “There are some things you can only do physically, some conversations you can have with people, but there are some things that only happen through prayer,” he said.

“I think it is important, especially as campus ministries, that we create a place where people can come pray to accomplish those things you cannot do any other way. When people come to Christ, it makes a positive difference in people’s lives- not just religiously, but holistically.”

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