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Student jams to Zumba with smiles

Zumba has officially swept the nation.

Becoming a popular craze over the last few years, Zumba has become popular in gyms and private studios around the U.S.

VSU’s Campus Recreation offers students the chance to get the great culture and exercise that Zumba provides.

Sophomore fashion design major, DeAnna Dahmer, also a retail management major, is passionate about her job and offers multiple classes a week. Dahmer welcomes all participants.

“I don’t even feel like I’m at work because I have so much fun while I’m on the job,” Dahmer said.

There is much more to Dahmer than just her dance moves and calorie-busting classes. Outside of the gym, she has a loving husband, a supportive family and a passion for design.

In 1992, Dahmer was born into a strong military family in Oklahoma. She spent her childhood growing up on the road, moving from place to place as many military families do. Eventually Dahmer’s family settled in Valdosta where she met her husband.

While most students spend their college years dating and partying, Dahmer believes her significant other is a blessing.

“Being married in college is fun, but also hard,” she said. “I can’t always hang out with my friends at crazy parties, but at the end of the night I get to go home to my hubby. He’s my best friend and favorite person in the world.”

Dahmer’s husband, Eric, often finds himself reminding her that she is out in public and not in class as she’s constantly dancing.

Dance has always been one of Dahmer’s passions, right alongside a hunger for fitness. Dahmer spends her spare time in the gym as her whole family has always had a healthy lifestyle as a top priority.

“I fully believe everyone should be in their best shape at all times,” Dahmer said. “And I love that my classes can be an inspiration and help people feel great about themselves.”

While attending one of Dahmer’s classes you will quickly pick up on her cheerful spirit. She never stops moving and constantly has a smile on her face. Dahmer loves to meet new people and makes everyone feel welcome. She uses this spirit as her drive toward her goal of a job in the fashion industry.

“I live and breathe fashion,” Dahmer said.

At VSU, Dahmer stays busy with her full academic class schedule which includes instructing many campus recreation events and sharing her contagious joyful spirit.

“Deanna is such a great employee,” Mary Robison, fitness graduate assistant, said. “She is always willing to help her co-workers and creates such a fun atmosphere for her classes.”

Kristi Faber, group fitness assistant, also has had some experience working with Dahmer during the past year.

“Deanna is a rockin’ dancer,” Faber said.  “You can tell her participants really love her and how interactive she is.”

It’s easy to see why students wait in line for Dahmer’s packed out classes. Not only do you get a full work out, but you get to meet an awesome young woman with a passion for her work.

Dahmer explained what it means to her to be a Blazer.

“Someone who has a positive energy and inspires others to be a better Blazer, be someone others can look up to,” she said.

If you’re looking for someone with a heart full of love for their partner, a passion for fitness and a drive to succeed in school and life, then look no further than Deanna Dahmer.


To find out more about Deanna’s classes, visit Valdosta State Campus Recreation

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  1. DeAnna is THEE best! I love her classes and enthusiasm for health care. She has a gift for fitness instruction and makes working out enjoyable.

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