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Nintendo tries new venture with “Miitomo”

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer

Nintendo’s first smart phone game app, “Miitomo,” has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the past few weeks.

You can link Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to it if you do not have a Nintendo account. The free to use app allows customize your own “Mii” character in the Nintendo universe. The Mii character is then used to converse with friends by answering questions and comes along with Twitter and Facebook integration.

It is very similar to Sims and could very well be classified as a social media site like Ask.me. Nintendo made it a point to have the game available for both Apple and Google, a huge check that most game makers miss out on.

The game has been downloaded a million times and was given 4.5 out of 5 stars. Once you create a character, you get to customize the face by either uploading a picture from your phone, picking one off the web, or taking a new one with your front camera. You get to customize your face with options like the width of the nose, eye color and even hair color and style. There are even a couple different options to change your voice as well as personality.

The game gives you different prizes for logging in and completing different everyday tasks. Tasks include answering questions or changing outfits. This game could be interesting if you could play Mario Cart or Smash Bros. with your Mii character, but maybe that is a little farfetched being that this is Nintendo’s first step in the mobile device market.

Miitomo even asks the user a couple questions to get started. The fun part is getting friends involved, so you can ask those questions and see what kind of personality their Mii would have. The answers get shared with friends and could lead to even more interesting conversations. You get a heart similar to the ones from Mario when someone likes your answer, and they can send you a message or picture comment. Miitomo is definitely addictive for now.

Let’s hope that Nintendo keeps up the good work.

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