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Throwback Tech: What the heck happened to Myspace?

High schools, colleges and businesses have begun to use social networking sites such as MySpace, Xanga and Facebook to keep tabs on students and employees. (David Leeson II/Dallas Morning News/KRT)

Written by Michaela Leung, Copy Editor

Most of us remember the days of Myspace. Today’s teenagers unfortunately will never get the chance to experience Myspace the way that we did when we were younger. From arranging your “Top Friends” to perfecting your HTML code for your layout and uploading the perfect wacky bathroom mirror pic. We would update our statuses, put our favorite song on our profile, and spend an unnecessary amount of time on our “About Me” section.

Who could forget the excitement of logging in and seeing “New Message!” or “New Friend Requests!” on your screen. We can’t forget about the long “Bulletins” we used to post and the joy of leaving “PC4PC” comments under your friend’s photos.

Eventually, Facebook came onto the scene and reeled us in and just like that, we were done with Myspace. Now, we have Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to keep our attention. It’s as if we have forgotten all about our friend Tom and his website creation that connected the masses.

Now, Myspace has a completely different layout. The site has now focused its energy into music and current events. You can scroll through the page and read a variety of interesting articles.
The home page now has a News, Artist of the Day, and More tab. Under the “More” tab, you can read articles ranging from artist profiles, wrestling, and a section that pays homage to late celebrities.

On the “Discover” section in the sidebar, you can search for music, take a look at Featured articles, and videos. The videos range from Myspace Exclusives, Myspace series, music videos and live performances. There is also a “People” tab that allows you to search for people by profession (Writers, Designers, Bloggers, Dancers, DJs, etc.) after you make your account.

You are still able to make a profile, but the twist is: you can make it by linking you Facebook or Twitter account. You are still able to go the old fashion way, and use your email address. Who would think that we would be using other social media sites to have an account on the site that started it all.

The site has completely revamped and switched gears but what about Tom? Until 2010, he was everyone’s first Myspace friend but what is he up to now? The former computer hacker turned internet innovator is now “Enjoying being retired” according to his Twitter bio. He also includes “New Hobby: Photography” in his bio, showing that he too is using his talents elsewhere. You can keep up with Tom Anderson on Twitter by following his handle “@myspacetom” where he still has his iconic photo of him looking over his shoulder.

Myspace, you were definitely a major part of our youth and we were sad to see you go. Like they say, “All good things must come to an end.”

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  1. I still go n Myspace. I even send “connections” in lieu of “friend requests” to girls, even if hey never log in anymore!

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