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Top 5 Apps for Online Learning

With COVID-19 still raging a year later, many college students have moved to hybrid learning or fully online learning.

College is already difficult for many, so dealing with the transition from face-to-face classes to online can be taxing if a student suffers from dyslexia, ADHD, or lack of organizational abilities.

A press release unveiled new apps that were created to make online learning a bit easier for students. Here are five examples of some of the best apps to help assist with online learning.

Glean is a note-taking app for students to use while they are in class, and it ensures that students will learn helpful note-taking skills while staying present in the classroom. It also will help students learn skills that involve improving ways to retain information in the classroom. This app is available with free trials, and prices start at $8 per month.

Text Help was created to improve the reading, writing and commination skills of students. This app provides students with various tools, one being EquitiO, which works to help students with working with mathematics online. One of the main principles of the app was to help a wide range of learners with reading and comprehension. Prices may vary.

Kami helps students to be able to annotate different documents while being able to interact on the PDF with their peers and their professors as well. This app also allows students to edit their documents in various ways and can work along with other apps such as Google classroom and Schoology. Kami is available as a free Google chrome extension.

Just Read works to help users who may suffer from attention issues or anxiety. It removes everything on a webpage except for the text, providing users with little to no distractions so they can fully comprehend what they are reading. This app is available for free download as a Google chrome extension.

Inspiration Mind Mapping was created to help students create mind maps, diagrams, presentations, and more. It works to help users excel academically, improving students’ creativity skills, brainstorming skills, and how to plan out projects effectively. Pricing for this app begins at $89 but there are various discounts for students available.

All five of these apps can be downloaded to your mobile device or your laptop.

Written by Katie Rutherford. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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