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ASC for a PAL at VSU’s Tutoring Center

If after spending a lot of time navigating through the confusing halls of Nevins you realize that you need even more time to figure out just what your professor was even talking about during class, the best place to turn to is the Academic Support Center.

Located on the second floor of Odum Library, the Academic Support Center is an integral feature that the university provides as not only a tutoring service, but one that also gives students help with studying and extra support in their academics.

Students are encouraged to use these services at least 10 times a semester.

“Ten is the magic number to boost GPAs and retention,” Dr. Chere Peguesse, director of the ASC, said.

However, it has been found that attending a tutoring session three or five times a semester can help bring their grade up.

The best way to use the tutoring services provided is to show up consistently and not procrastinate, according to Dr. Terence Sullivan, the ASC assistant director.

“Begin working on assignments when they are assigned so you have time to seek out help as you need it,” Dr. Sullivan said. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

But why should students rely on the ASC to help them with their grades when professors have office hours?

Sometimes it is better for students to hear about a concept again through someone else’s words.

Professors are the experts in their own subject, but they should not be the only ones that a student relies on in order to fully digest the information presented to them, especially since professors have plenty of other students who possibly need that same help, according to Peguesse.

With the assistance of tutors who have taken and passed these classes with a grade of B or higher, students can hear the breakdown of a concept in more than just one way, or they can simply use tutors as a study partner for that particular course.

One tutor shared her favorite part about working at the Academic Support Center.

“It’s kind of like teaching. Like you enjoy those moments when your students are like ‘I get it,’” said Taylor Durden, an English and writing tutor.

Currently, the ASC has a total of 22 tutors, which is a drastic decrease from the amount that the center has had before the pandemic hit.

In order for a student to become a tutor at the Academic Support Center, that student must first have the approval of two faculty members within that subject and present it to the ASC directors. Then the student is given an interview, which will determine whether that student is able to easily explain the subject’s content in a way that is understandable to another student.

Whether you want to bring up your GPA or help someone else bring up theirs, you will find the Academic Support Center to be the best option.

“Even the best students can benefit from another student’s perspective on their work and the exchange of ideas that happen in a tutoring or learning session,” Dr. Sullivan said.

Written by Samiriya Hamilton, Campus Life Assistant. Photo courtesy of Academic Support Center.

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