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Biology professor given ultimatum by her dean after controversial lecture

A VSU biology professor said she was told to change her course lectures after a complaint by a parent. Since 2004, Dr. Leslie S. Jones, an associate professor of the biology department, has been known for teaching about topics surrounding the biological aspects of religion, sex and gender and race in her introductory biology course, BIOL 1010 “Evolution and the ...

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VSU’s enrollment decrease could hurt programs in the music department

Christina Kato, a junior psychology major, walked into Whitehead Auditorium with a joyous feeling during her freshman year. This was her first concert with Concert Band. After finding her seat in a u-shaped pattern that was spaced out in perfect symmetry, Kato pulled out her instrument. Time crawled and crawled until it reached 6:30. Showtime! The conductor finally raised her ...

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