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Unavailable classes cost students time and money

Credit: Alison Stephen

College is typically seen as a four-year chapter in someone’s life – at least it’s supposed to be. However, now taking five to six years to earn an undergrad degree is quite normal. This extended college stay can be partly attributed to students hopping from one major to another, but other reasons are the lack of flexibility in class schedules ... Read More »

Je Suis Charlie: Our promise to you

Editorial cartoon

The smoke is settling all over the world and the once rampant roars of “Je Suis Charlie” are quickly turning into the memories of an earlier 2015. The attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this month brought to light the effects that journalism, or more importantly satire, may stir up. Many people were quick to come to the magazine’s side after ... Read More »

Students deserve academic forgiveness

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Please forgive us. For many students, college is a big adjustment that comes with even bigger mistakes. Unfortunately, some of those mistakes include getting bad grades that will haunt us for the rest of our collegiate careers. The Academic Forgiveness Policy that SGA passed will allow student records to reflect only the highest grade that a student receives in a ... Read More »

Editoral: Remerton bars: Remove discriminatory signs

The detailed dress code at some Remerton bars might make you think you’re attending a five-course dinner with President Obama rather than just enjoying a casual drink with friends. While some of the requirements are understandable (no revealing clothing or weapons), others verge on ridiculous and laughable (no slippers, tank tops, or jean shorts). The other demands on these lists ... Read More »

Black Friday gobbles up a nation’s traditions

  This year on Thanksgiving, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, and Kohl’s will be opening at 6 p.m., just as turkeys are being carved and plated across dinner tables in Valdosta. It seems that these store’s employees will have to grab their dinner to go, or else they may lose their jobs. There are also other stores opening even earlier, such as ... Read More »

Mandatory Fees: The necessary evil

Mandatory fees are a nuisance. They’ve been the bane of the bill for years and continue to irritate future students at the same rate that they seem to rise. While removing mandatory fees completely would be appreciated by all, it’s not a practical solution. Saying we don’t want to pay for things we don’t use is an understandable argument. No ... Read More »

Faculty desrve freedom to take political action

As students strolled the Pedestrian Mall last week, many wondered why the clotheslines lining the walkway were empty. For the past 14 years, the Clothesline Project, which exists to raise awareness about domestic violence, had placed T-shirts with symbolic messages on the mall. This year, instead, all that hung from the string was an explanation of the Board Of Regents ... Read More »

VSU students deserve transparency from university


Knowledge is power. In the case of the students at VSU, being informed of things that go on at our campus will give us more knowledge and power to make better, safer and more informed decisions. A little thing we like to call transparency requires the administration to be completely open with students. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. ... Read More »

Focus on retention, not recruitment


When the truth came out, the truth hurt. The painful truth to some people is that VSU is shrinking. The more important truth to the remaining 11,500 students is that reaching our goal — graduation — has become an increasingly difficult struggle. We realize recruiting is important, but VSU needs to realize that it is time for retention to take ... Read More »

Stand together to end sexual assault

With sore shoulders, rape victim Emma Sulkowicz carries her mattress across campus in protest while her alleged rapist walks the same campus path. In Sulkowicz’s opinion, Columbia University did nothing to punish her alleged rapist. She plans to carry the mattress around campus until she no longer goes to school with her alleged rapist. One student at the University of ... Read More »