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Editorial: Align VSU’s Spring Break with other universities


Any break from the daily grind of classes and homework is always something to be appreciated, and students often mark Spring Break week on their calendars long before the new semester even begins. As we slowly limp into the weekend, classes are taking less precedence in students’ mind, replaced with the desires for warm beaches, refreshing mountains or the simple ... Read More »

Editorial: Drivers/pedestrians need to be more cautious


Every driver has experienced it—some carefree pedestrian taking his or her sweet time to stroll across a busy street. Every pedestrian has gone through it— some irresponsible driver speeding through an intersection in some inexplicable hurry to get nowhere important. Many VSU students have the pleasure of experiencing both sides of the coin because they have to commute to campus ... Read More »

Our point of view…Millennial bashing unfair, unwarranted

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Millennials. Next in line to grab hold of that figurative brass ring. The generation with so many expectations pushed upon us that we feel as if we might spontaneously combust. Millennials. We are the generation who grew up on “Rugrats,” wind breakers and Kid Cuisines. Why is it that we get such a bad rap? In the eyes of those ... Read More »

Feminism (n): advocacy of equal treatment for the sexes

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With racism in the recent limelight, another ism is being put on the back burner: Feminism. Feminism is the belief that women deserve equal rights as men. It is not about hating men and overcoming them. Women’s rights have progressed a long way from hundreds of years ago. Gone are the days when women stayed home to iron shirts and ... Read More »

Our point of view…

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It is up to faculty, students to prepare graduates for work College is the time that we are supposed to choose what career we potentially want to have for the rest of our lives. Forever. No pressure. Right. According to an article on chronicle.com, a survey was conducted that dismissed all hope for students. The results from that survey said ... Read More »

Unavailable classes cost students time and money

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College is typically seen as a four-year chapter in someone’s life – at least it’s supposed to be. However, now taking five to six years to earn an undergrad degree is quite normal. This extended college stay can be partly attributed to students hopping from one major to another, but other reasons are the lack of flexibility in class schedules ... Read More »

Je Suis Charlie: Our promise to you

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The smoke is settling all over the world and the once rampant roars of “Je Suis Charlie” are quickly turning into the memories of an earlier 2015. The attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this month brought to light the effects that journalism, or more importantly satire, may stir up. Many people were quick to come to the magazine’s side after ... Read More »

Students deserve academic forgiveness

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Please forgive us. For many students, college is a big adjustment that comes with even bigger mistakes. Unfortunately, some of those mistakes include getting bad grades that will haunt us for the rest of our collegiate careers. The Academic Forgiveness Policy that SGA passed will allow student records to reflect only the highest grade that a student receives in a ... Read More »

Editoral: Remerton bars: Remove discriminatory signs

The detailed dress code at some Remerton bars might make you think you’re attending a five-course dinner with President Obama rather than just enjoying a casual drink with friends. While some of the requirements are understandable (no revealing clothing or weapons), others verge on ridiculous and laughable (no slippers, tank tops, or jean shorts). The other demands on these lists ... Read More »