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Editorial: Gun obsession must end

Heidi Wickersham, left, wipes away her tears while consoling her sister, Gwendolyn Wickersham, center, a UCC student who is grieving for her creative writing mentor, the slain Lawrence Levine, 67, a Umpqua Community College mass shooting victim, during candlelight vigil at a memorial service at Riverbend Park in Winston, Ore., on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015. (Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

When mass violence on college campuses becomes the norm, there is a big problem. There has been multiple college campus shootings since 2013 and the recent tragedy at Umpqua Community College has brought the total to 142. There has been 45 shootings in 2015 alone.  Enough is enough. We at the Spectator would like to extend our condolences to the ...

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Editorial: Wrap it or don’t tap it


Sex is great. It’ fun, intimate, workout friendly, experimental and puts you to sleep.  And it can kill you. It’s frustrating to know how powerful sex is, and yet many people don’t educate themselves. Too many don’t practice safe sex. Too many die or have to alter their lives over one encounter. Even if you take every precaution, you can ...

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Editorial: VSU works to accommodate students of all gender orientations

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Celebrity advocates Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox are shining light on an invisible population of transgender people, and now so is VSU? The additions of gender neutral bathrooms throughout the campus show a sign of progression for the university. Since 2011, VSU has offered a program called “Safe Space” that provides a more appreciative and nurturing environment for LGBT people ...

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Editorial: Don’t honor Columbus Day with VSU’s Fall Break

Explorer Christopher Columbus by Ron Coddington, KRT

At the first meeting of the semester, it was brought to the attention of the Faculty Senate that the two day vacation in October was being called “Columbus Day Break”, and some faculty members were not pleased. Dr. Knowles, Chair of the Native American Studies Department, feels that calling this short vacation “Columbus Day Break” praises Christopher Columbus, even though ...

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Editorial: Professors at heart of college education

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

We here at the Spectator are many things: journalists, photographers, graphic designers, and editors.  But above all else, we are students.  As students of this university we want the highest quality of education that our steadily increasing tuition can buy. With this in mind, what parameters determine the quality of a college degree?  Is it the sports team or the ...

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Editorial: It’s hard out here for a journalist

Opinions Headers Pt. 5

We’ve all seen the recent video of the journalist and cameraman from Virginia who were shot and killed during a live recording. Although the crime was committed by a former employee, this is not the first time within the past couple years that a journalist has lost his or her life. Some of the more recent and well-known events date ...

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EDITORIAL: Is our VSU degree worth the money?


Is our degree at VSU worth it now? We have had this question rumbling through our mind for a while now. This question first arose after the flag controversy. VSU was front and center of the media spotlight. The bulb shining bright on that controversy eventually burned out, only to be replaced with a fresh bulb. This time, the drop ...

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You are VSU, be proud to be a Blazer!

editorial pic grad

Fellow Blazers, it is safe to say that 2015 started off with a bang. We here at The Spectator did our very best to keep you in the know about any and everything happening on your campus. While we tried to make sure every photo was crisp and every article was detailed, we know there is still so much more ...

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Racism has no over-night solution

Photo Illustration by Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

The temperature of racial tension in this country is reaching a boiling point.  The lid that was the civil rights movement is struggling to contain the bubbling mixing pot of race relations.  The mounting pressure of police brutality has many Americans steaming over the injustices that seem to be perpetrated on a daily basis.  Anyone with television or Internet access ...

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Police leaves students uninformed for hours

photo Illustration by: Jordan Hill/SPECTATOR

Better late than never? Not this time. As of last Friday the campus has seen a lot of protest and demonstrations. On Tuesday many students received an email from the university stating that one of the lead protesters who has been walking on the flag had a firearm on his person while on the campus. Students received this email almost ...

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