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EDITORIAL: Is our VSU degree worth the money?


Is our degree at VSU worth it now? We have had this question rumbling through our mind for a while now. This question first arose after the flag controversy. VSU was front and center of the media spotlight. The bulb shining bright on that controversy eventually burned out, only to be replaced with a fresh bulb. This time, the drop ...

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You are VSU, be proud to be a Blazer!

editorial pic grad

Fellow Blazers, it is safe to say that 2015 started off with a bang. We here at The Spectator did our very best to keep you in the know about any and everything happening on your campus. While we tried to make sure every photo was crisp and every article was detailed, we know there is still so much more ...

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Racism has no over-night solution

Photo Illustration by Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

The temperature of racial tension in this country is reaching a boiling point.  The lid that was the civil rights movement is struggling to contain the bubbling mixing pot of race relations.  The mounting pressure of police brutality has many Americans steaming over the injustices that seem to be perpetrated on a daily basis.  Anyone with television or Internet access ...

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Police leaves students uninformed for hours

photo Illustration by: Jordan Hill/SPECTATOR

Better late than never? Not this time. As of last Friday the campus has seen a lot of protest and demonstrations. On Tuesday many students received an email from the university stating that one of the lead protesters who has been walking on the flag had a firearm on his person while on the campus. Students received this email almost ...

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Editorial: When it comes to crime, it’s better to know


Lately, crime alert emails are as routine as the weekly student activity news. Starting at the end of February, an alarming number of robberies have been reported, resulting in a series of alerts from VSU. While one was allegedly false and others were determined to occur near university property, this string of robberies has instilled fear in our campus and ...

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Editorial: VSU should provide answers to questions

editorial cartoon

The Faculty Senate is contemplating a no-confidence vote on our president. The chief of staff recently resigned after allegedly demonstrating drunken behavior on campus. Long-time VSU employees are being replaced at an alarming rate out of nowhere. It basically seems as though our administration is in a state of confusion. Yet, we’ve gotten little explanation as to why these things ...

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Editorial: Align VSU’s Spring Break with other universities


Any break from the daily grind of classes and homework is always something to be appreciated, and students often mark Spring Break week on their calendars long before the new semester even begins. As we slowly limp into the weekend, classes are taking less precedence in students’ mind, replaced with the desires for warm beaches, refreshing mountains or the simple ...

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Editorial: Drivers/pedestrians need to be more cautious


Every driver has experienced it—some carefree pedestrian taking his or her sweet time to stroll across a busy street. Every pedestrian has gone through it— some irresponsible driver speeding through an intersection in some inexplicable hurry to get nowhere important. Many VSU students have the pleasure of experiencing both sides of the coin because they have to commute to campus ...

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Editorial: Black History Month deserves continuous support from community


This month there have been many different events catering to the black community here on campus, such as the “What is Black?” photo exhibit, various cookouts, movie nights showcasing black media, peace rallies, forums on knowing your rights and many others. As February comes to a close, we can’t help but wonder if all of these wonderful events will continue. ...

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Our point of view…Millennial bashing unfair, unwarranted

editorial pics

Millennials. Next in line to grab hold of that figurative brass ring. The generation with so many expectations pushed upon us that we feel as if we might spontaneously combust. Millennials. We are the generation who grew up on “Rugrats,” wind breakers and Kid Cuisines. Why is it that we get such a bad rap? In the eyes of those ...

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