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New Balance loses business over Trump

Photo Credit: Flickr

Written by Jada Dukes, Staff Writer New Balance Athletic Inc. experienced major backlash for endorsing Donald Trump. Immediately after Donald Trump was announced as President-elect, the Vice President of Public affairs for New Balance, Matt LeBretton,  made a statement on behalf of the corporation that was seen as a full on endorsement by its customers. “With President-elect Trump we feel things ...

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Skateboarding ban shouldn’t exist

Student  seen skating to class on pedestrian mall. (Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Cannon/THESPECTATOR)

Written by Kimberly Cannon, Staff Writer Bicycling is allowed and so is driving a utility vehicle, but according to the lone sign at the end of the pedestrian mall at Valdosta State University, skateboarding is not permitted on the campus mall. Despite the no skateboarding rule, numerous individuals are spotted skating on the mall. The lack of visibility of signs ...

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Editorial: Enjoy Thanksgiving, not sales

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Thanksgiving Thursday we sit down with our family, eat a big meal and give thanks for all of the good things in our lives. In the same 24 hours, before the food in our stomachs has even digested, we grab our wallets, speed to the mall and thoughtlessly trample our neighbors to death over a discounted television. Why are discounts ...

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Should we do away with Electoral College?

FORT WORTH, TX - FEBRUARY 26:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally at the Fort Worth Convention Center on February 26, 2016 in Fort Worth, Texas. Trump is campaigning in Texas, days ahead of the Super Tuesday primary.  (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Written by Brian Williams, Staff Writer The Electoral College exists, but some individuals don’t think it should. In fact, some individuals don’t know what the Electoral College is. The official U.S. Electoral College website defines the Electoral College as a process, not a place established by the founding fathers of the United States in the Constitution as a compromise between ...

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Not too late to be kind: 2016 election brought out worst

Demonstraters protest against Trump in Philadelphia Nov. 9. (Photo Credit: MCT Campus)

Written by Hunter Terrell, Staff Writer The presidential election is and has been one of the most relevant reoccurring events in American society. Barack Obama proudly served as president of the United States for two consecutive terms. He succeeded against John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008 and Mitt Romney and Joe Biden in 2012. Many conclusions were made about ...

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Election 2016: Stand in the Hillary party’s shoes

Voter watches in suspense at the results of the election are slowly released. (Photo Credit: MCT Campus)

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor Trump won the presidential election and American reactions range from ecstatic to completely distraught. It is clear from many verbal and physical fights that many Americans are divided on politics—but those fights never change anyone’s mind.  Fights only do damage and enrage the opponent even more. Keep it friendly and aim to enlighten, not ...

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Editorial: VSU needs long-term president


A letter to the future president of VSU in the aftermath of a polarizing election: Welcome to our college. We hope you stick around. Valdosta State has had three presidents in the last year and a half, and it’s in need of some stability. Prior to 2002, the average presidential tenure at VSU was just over 17.5 years, with the ...

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Editorial: Be an educated voter this election


Social media can be a great place to get the latest updates on what goes on if individuals follow or ‘friend’ the right pages. However, most of what people see on their news feeds are memes, rants, propaganda or highly biased opinions without facts to back them up. To be a properly educated voter on the presidential campaign, individuals need ...

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Universities inplement new policy: Individuals have right to preferred pronouns

Cassidy Nordstrom poses for a portrait on June 2, 2016 in Chicago. Nordstrom identifies as nonbinary - fitting into neither of the two genders - and uses gender-nonconforming pronouns. (Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Written by Hunter Terrell, Circulation Manager Numerous universities across the nation have implemented a pronoun policy in which students are allowed to identify and specify who they wish to be addressed as, regardless of prior gender stigmas and limitations. With this policy in full affect at universities such as Harvard, University of Michigan and Ohio University, all school faculty and ...

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