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Tax loopholes hurt working class citizens

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Written by Jada Dukes, Staff Writer When it comes to taxes are we all paying our fair share? According to Presidential candidate, Donald Trump that is not the case seeing as he and many “smart” business men like him have been taking advantages of loopholes to get out of paying taxes. There has been a lot of talk about taxes during ...

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Owners accountable for dogs’ actions

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Written by Tianna Foster, Staff Writer Dogs that are allowed by their owners to run loose or dogs that attack people or other animals have become a big issue for the people and the communities in which they live in. There has been a law created in an attempt to ban certain breeds of dogs. According to ASPCA a BSL, ...

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Being in a relationship in college

Offended couple sitting back to back on sofa.

Written by Shanice Barnes, Staff Writer When is the right time to be in a relationship? One may never know the answer to that question. Many people believe you meet your spouse in college; the rest of us want to focus on achieving our college degree and building a foundation for ourselves before we commit to a relationship. College is ...

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Was Christopher Columbus a fraud?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinions Editor Did we spend our holiday on Monday celebrating a man who wasn’t the first non-native to land on American soil. Truth-out.org states that Columbus was not even the first non-native to land in the “new world;” evidence has shown that Vikings and Polynesians came long before him. Many of us learned in elementary school that Columbus ...

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Common killers are preventable: Texting and driving shouldn’t take so many lives

According to a State Farm survey, many drivers look forward to texting and taking care of other business in their semiautonomous cars. (Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Written by Hunter Terrell, Staff Writer Driving when you’re in a rush and using your cell phone are both considered equivalent to driving while intoxicated. In 2007, before a mass of the American population carried a smartphone in their pockets, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that speeding was a contributing factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes ...

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Editorial: Blazer voices should be heard — VSU needs to make policy changes


“You’re Fired!” This may sound like a familiar quote from Republican nominee Donald Trump, but we aren’t talking about “The Apprentice.” The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education-otherwise known as FIRE–has given Valdosta State a speech code rating of red. So what does that have to do with you? Everything. National Free Speech week starts next Monday, which makes us ...

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Streaming music has become the norm for students


Written by Olivia Studdard, Staff Writer College students have come a long way from streaming and downloading music off LimeWire and Napster. The desire to have music on at all times only spiked with the creation of the iPod in the early 2000s. The small pocket devices soared in popularity and young adults everywhere were racing to have the chance ...

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Domestic violence hurts everyone

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/SPECTATOR

Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month for the purpose of encouraging survivors to come forward to seek help and protection. What is ...

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Clinton wins debate with skills

Democrat Hillary Clinton greets the audience after attending the first presidential debate with Republican Donald Trump on Monday, Sept. 26, 2016 at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y. (Qin Lang/Xinhua/Sipa USA/TNS)

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Opinion Editor An individual’s judgment on who won the debate usually comes down to whether they are a Democrat or Republican.  So in order to give an unbiased opinion on who did better, one must look past the politics and focus on accuracy of facts, body language, ability to answer and delivery. In this respect, it ...

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