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VSU needs more diversity

Photo Illustration by Tyra Mills/THE SPECTATOR

Written by: Zenobia Harris, Asst. Features Writer Valdosta State University is home to a lot of different things, but diversity may not be one of them. According to the VSU 2013-14 profile, there were about 9, 328 undergraduate students last year. Of those students, 51.9 percent are listed as White, 35.8 percent as Black or African American, 4.9 percent Hispanic, 3.0 ... Read More »

Racism has no over-night solution

Photo Illustration by Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

The temperature of racial tension in this country is reaching a boiling point.  The lid that was the civil rights movement is struggling to contain the bubbling mixing pot of race relations.  The mounting pressure of police brutality has many Americans steaming over the injustices that seem to be perpetrated on a daily basis.  Anyone with television or Internet access ... Read More »

Valdosta community, take a breath and calm down

Photo Credit: Tyra Mills/THE SPECTATOR
Student joined together on Monday, April 20 to express their opinions regarding the protest that took place on Friday, April 17.

Written by: Tyra Mills, Photo Editor With protests breaking out at Valdosta State, a Blazer may be beginning to question what is going on with our beloved campus. Students have been stepping on flags, veterans coming on campus allegedly “armed” in protest of it, black lives matter campaigners joining the march and many students inserting their opinions and adding to ... Read More »

Police leaves students uninformed for hours

photo Illustration by: Jordan Hill/SPECTATOR

Better late than never? Not this time. As of last Friday the campus has seen a lot of protest and demonstrations. On Tuesday many students received an email from the university stating that one of the lead protesters who has been walking on the flag had a firearm on his person while on the campus. Students received this email almost ... Read More »

Employees’ mental illness needs attention and solutions

ILLUSTRATION: Student depression

Written by: Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer Mental health is an issue that should not limit job opportunities, but more opportunities should be provided to help those struggling mentally. The airline and his Lufthansa flight training school knew Lubitz suffered from some depression according to CNN. Lufthansa, the parent company of Germanwings, knew Lubitz’s inner struggle, but still allowed him to ... Read More »

Ready for Hillary

Photo Credit:  MCT Campus

Written by: Kenzie Kesselring, Staff Writer I’m ready for Hillary, but is the rest of America? Following Sunday’s exciting but less than shocking announcement about Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House in 2016, many Americans are left looking for more information about Clinton. Clinton graduated from Wellesley College in 1969 before going on to Yale Law School and graduating ... Read More »

American flag photo sparks unwarranted criticism

Photo Credit: MCT Campus

Written by: Erin Martin, Staff Writer  erimartin@valdosta.edu A Virginia photographer received harsh comments after posting a picture of her work on social media. The controversy surrounding the picture of a baby swaddled in an American flag went viral and caused a backlash that quickly elevated. After Vanessa Hicks took a picture of her friend and Navy veteran holding his newborn child ... Read More »

Editorial: When it comes to crime, it’s better to know


Lately, crime alert emails are as routine as the weekly student activity news. Starting at the end of February, an alarming number of robberies have been reported, resulting in a series of alerts from VSU. While one was allegedly false and others were determined to occur near university property, this string of robberies has instilled fear in our campus and ... Read More »

New religious freedom: liberty and justice for some

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by Kenzie Kesselring Welcome to America! Land of the free…kind of. Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, signed a religious freedom bill on April 2. This law is bringing up some strong emotions from Indiana citizens who are afraid this bill might allow businesses to discriminate against same sex couples. This act will allow business owners to refuse service to people if ... Read More »

Required voting results in uniformed votes

Religous freedom laws

by Jordan Hill Vote even though you don’t know with what party you affiliate. Vote even though you don’t know any of the candidates. Vote even though you don’t know what you want from a president. To make voting a requirement for every U.S. citizen is a good thought, but it opens up a can of uninformed worms to make ... Read More »