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Friend Me, Prof?

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by Kenzie Kesselring To friend request or not to friend request, that is the question on many students’ minds when it comes to being friends with their professors on Facebook. This online friendship, which is not regulated by VSU policy, could provide a way to share educational links, stories and pictures with classmates and teachers. It could also offer teachers ... Read More »

Country star “comes home” to The Complex

Photo Credit: VStateBlazers.com; Graphic Credit: Kayla Stroud

by Niamani Carlyle-Hollis Kip Moore’s “Coming Home” concert on April 11 has been the talk of the town. As a former golfer at VSU from 2000 to 2002, Kip will return to his old stomping grounds to blaze up the complex. Students, faculty and locals alike are looking forward to hearing the country vocals of the platinum recording superstar. “It’s ... Read More »

Female comedians deserve respect, not discrimination

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by Kailee Kivett When people are asked who they think are the most famous comedians, a list of males used to come to mind first. Recently, however, female comedians have become more and more well-known. Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer have all become big names in the comedy genre thanks to Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live. Not ... Read More »

Police brutality becomes nationwide epidemic

Officer guarding city hall wears two name tags

by Alex Corbitt In one of the most recent cases of police brutality a man known as “Africa” was shot five times and killed after being hit with a taser beforehand. The cops claim that he was reaching for one of their guns because the taser did not work, but Africa was an unarmed, homeless and disabled man who should ... Read More »

Editorial: Align VSU’s Spring Break with other universities


Any break from the daily grind of classes and homework is always something to be appreciated, and students often mark Spring Break week on their calendars long before the new semester even begins. As we slowly limp into the weekend, classes are taking less precedence in students’ mind, replaced with the desires for warm beaches, refreshing mountains or the simple ... Read More »

10 ways to show you love America

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1. Respect the government—whether you do or do not agree with the president, respect him and respect those working for our country. 2. Work—it is up to each person to work and provide financial stability for him/herself and the country. 3. Care—helping others succeed will help our country succeed. 4. Accept—the U.S. is a crockpot, not a separated serving tray. ... Read More »

Net neutrality is the bomb.com

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by Kenzie Kesselring Net neutrality is one of the most confusing but relevant topics being discussed in the media in the past month. There are a lot of ins and outs to the laws being discussed about net neutrality, but the concept isn’t all that complicated. Net neutrality is the notion that internet providers aren’t allowed to pick and choose ... Read More »

SNL takes on ISIS

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by Alex Corbitt Saturday Night Live parodied ISIS’s sympathizers on a recent episode. ISIS, an extremist terrorist organization known for beheading Westerners and gaining support from U.S. sympathizers, is now causing even more debate and controversy thanks to SNL. People seem to be split on the skit, as it parodies both the Super Bowl commercial of a girl getting out ... Read More »

Letter to the Editor: VSU professor stresses the need for humanism in education and politics

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(I write this several days before the University of Oklahoma banned SAE for racist behavior.) Readers will know that VSU has been criticized on many fronts over the past several months: draconian budget cuts; alarming faculty reductions; the Mark George debacle. Indeed, the faculty senate contemplated a no confidence motion against members of the administration recently. The administration countered that ... Read More »