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Unavailable classes cost students time and money

Credit: Alison Stephen

College is typically seen as a four-year chapter in someone’s life – at least it’s supposed to be. However, now taking five to six years to earn an undergrad degree is quite normal. This extended college stay can be partly attributed to students hopping from one major to another, but other reasons are the lack of flexibility in class schedules ... Read More »

Free community college offers hope to students

Credit: MGN Online

by Tierra Francois Going to a community college your first few years of college is sometimes a good idea. Aside from the fact that all students have to take the same core curriculum no matter the school nor major, it is somewhat less expensive as well. Obama is proposing a law to fund students their first two years of community ... Read More »

Digital Privacy Act

Opinions Header Pt. 2

by Jordan Hill The federal government is known for its snooping, sneaking and watchdog mentality, yet they want to cater to citizens’ privacy. In another attempt to keep American safe, President Obama is proposing a new federal legislation. Contrary to what some may think, it is actually a good idea. The president is proposing The Student Digital Privacy Act. It ... Read More »

How Far We Have Come

Photo Courtesy of MGN Online

by Tierra Francois We should be grateful that we were not born during the time of segregation and racism, and even more thankful for the people who fought for the rights many of us are given today. People like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks are the men and women who made major contributions to the rights of ... Read More »

Je Suis Charlie: Our promise to you

Editorial cartoon

The smoke is settling all over the world and the once rampant roars of “Je Suis Charlie” are quickly turning into the memories of an earlier 2015. The attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this month brought to light the effects that journalism, or more importantly satire, may stir up. Many people were quick to come to the magazine’s side after ... Read More »

While Under Fire, Comedian Bill Cosby Makes Light of Situation

Comedian Bill Cosby attends the 55th anniversary of a Washington institution, Ben's Chili Bowl, Thursday, August 22, 2013, in Washington, D.C. (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/MCT)

by Kenzie Kesselring One of America’s well known father figures, Bill Cosby, has been accused of being anything but fatherly. Bill Cosby has been the center of controversy for the past few months due to multiple women speaking out, saying Cosby sexually assaulted them in the 1970s and ‘80s. Cosby’s lawyers and publicists have been hard at work trying to ... Read More »

Resolutions makes society better

Procrastination Graphic (3)

by Jordan Hill Resolutions are meant to be kept, not ditched less than a month into the New Year. Students partake in making New Year’s Resolutions and this week is typically when students abandon those resolutions. Do not stop now! You are 22 days into your resolution. A study taken by Stop Procrastinating surveyed 1000 college students in America. The ... Read More »

Christmas being commercialized

Written By: Tierra Francois Every time you turn on your television now you see commercials about Christmas, even when it is still November. After Halloween passes, stores change their merchandise to Christmas and Thanksgiving attire and advertise upcoming sales. People are looking forward to the sales instead of spending time with family and friends. According to www.debate.org, 82 percent of ... Read More »

New Georgia law will help aid drug abusers

Written By: Lamarcus Wilkerson Not long ago, Governor Nathan Deal signed a medical amnesty bill into law that prevents the persecution of anyone who seeks aid for an overdose victim, even if he or she was using.   Supporters of the new law say that it will save numerous lives.   Friends of an overdose victim will no longer have ... Read More »

Father Daughter Dance in Prison

The thought of a father-daughter dance is adorable. The dads wear nice suits and ties, and the daughters wear their nicest Sunday dresses. However, this wasn’t just the typical father-daughter dance that children had in elementary school. In this case, the dads traded out their everyday inmate jumpsuits for finer suits. A prison in Miami hosted its first ever “Daddy-Daughter ... Read More »