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Fall 2012

Local rap artist enters “Metamorphosis”

Compared to his previous work, Michael Myerz’ latest album is aptly titled “Metamorphosis.” While many things about this album carry over from earlier albums, the image it projects is definitely far from what has been seen so far. The nerdy side of Myerz isn’t really a strong presence here. This album is more about growing up and moving on.

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Kyler Dessau: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Kyler cares. This was Kyler Dessau’s slogan as she campaigned to be VSU’s 2012 Homecoming Queen. This is more than a slogan for the senior psychology major, it’s her way of life. Dessau attributes her winning the title of Homecoming Queen partly to this aspect of her character. Other members of the VSU community have picked up on Dessau’s extraordinary ...

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Secession didn’t work the first time

With 34 states petitioning to secede from the Union on a White House website, it’s safe to say America hasn’t come far since 1861. In the presidential election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln was chosen to lead the country and in response, southern states decided secede from the Union. More than 150 years later, we are back in the same position; ...

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Take me to your leader

Can’t we all just get along? Last week, on the day after the election, there was a lot of hostility going on between parties. Republicans were mad because their candidate was not chosen, and Democrats celebrated a second term win. I was sitting in the student union that morning, and overheard a conversation some people where having about the election. ...

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Students learn how to fight sexual assaulters

VSU is stepping up its game in order to prevent sexual assault and domestic violence. Several new classes and additions have been made to promote awareness and prevent sexual assault crimes. VSU now offers Rape Aggression Defense as a four-hour credit course. “This is a huge, huge accomplishment for RAD in general, we have never been able to offer it ...

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Taylor Swift’s Red rakes in the green

Taylor Swift’s new album “Red,” has made incredible sales—1.208 million copies in the U.S. during its first week to be exact. “Red,” released Oct. 22, is one of four albums produced by Swift, a country/ pop singer who entered the music world in 2006 and has been redefining country music since. I have never been a fan of country music, ...

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VSU football looking for its first title in five years

The last time the Valdosta State football was ranked No.1 heading into the NCAA Super Region II playoffs, the Blazers came away with a national championship. Five years later they’re hoping to do what they did last time they graced the number one spot. “Hopefully we can repeat that,” David Dean, head coach, said. “It doesn’t mean anything if you ...

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Campus dining strives for nutritional value

A number of students have complained about not being informed about what is in the foods they are eating in Palms and Hopper Dining. Some students are finding it hard to make healthy choices under non informed circumstances. “At Valdosta State University I’ve gained five pounds in two months,” Peter Akiti, a VSU freshman, said. “I do find it hard ...

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VSU students find solace at counseling center

If you find yourself becoming anxious or anxiety starts creeping into parts of your life, VSU has your back. A racing mind, quickened heart rate, sweaty palms and feeling overwhelmed are all common signs of anxiety. According to a survey from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA), there is a rise of anxious college students who are seeking services ...

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Be Healthy: Easy home workouts

Let’s face it—between classes and work we don’t always have enough time to make it to the gym. And when we do manage to squeeze in the time, the gym is packed and we end up waiting twenty minutes for the next available treadmill or bench. For days like this it’s helpful to keep a back up workout handy. This ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!