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Voices of the Students

People Poll: Do you think freshmen should have cars?

Jazlyn Wheeler senior Media major “NO! As a senior, I should not have to park on the fifth floor or the parking deck, that really sucks man.” Marie Browne junior middle grades education major “Freshman shouldn’t be allowed to have cars unless VSU gets more parking. ” Anthony Holloway junior computer information systems major “No freshman shouldn’t have cars because ...

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People Poll: What was your best summer vacation?

Kelly Johnson junior business marketing “Last summer I went to Australia. I went scuba diving and got to walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge.” Brandon Kennedy freshman nursing “I went to Hawaii for 2 weeks and went to all the islands. I went to a hula show and actually got up on stage with the dancers. It was cool.” Erich ...

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People Poll: How do you prepare for finals?

Melvin Black senior history “I just cram everything in and stay up all night.” Bola Akinkanju junior nursing “Staying in the library.” Kris Henderson sophomore education “I don’t, just go in there and wish myself luck.” Katherine Shaurette junior business marketing “I pull a lot of all-nighters the night before exams and I cram a lot; been doing it for ...

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People Poll: What changes would you like to see the new SGA president make?

Vallyn Richards sophomore exercise physiology major “I would like to see some of the food on the campus change and add more of a variety of food choices for people who don’t eat certain types of meat, like myself.” Taylor Austin junior mass media major “I would like them to do more than this year’s SGA has done and to ...

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People Poll: How do you get over senioritis?

Daniel Townsend senior English major “I think about what I’m going to do with my degree. ” Jonathan Klotz senior general studies major “Don’t fight it. It happanes. You’re going to be lazy. Plan for it.” Antony Ashby freshman communications major “Responisbility. Senioritis comes to not really doing anything.” Juan Guerrero senior computer science major “I never got hit with ...

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People Poll: What do you think of the komodo dragon loose in Valdosta?

David Smith Undecided “Oh shii—” Irfan Doll Jr. Aerospace/Engineer “A komodo dragon escaped? I don’t feel safe anymore.” Karen Bomar History Junior “Didn’t know about it.” Victoria Fain Management/Marketing Junior “I actually didn’t know about that. I’ve been to Wild Adventures, seen the komodo dragon, it’s very pretty.” Christy Daniels Pre-Pharmacy Freshman “I have never heard of a komodo dragon.” ...

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People Poll: What’s your Spring Break horror story?

Sam Raffield sophomore English major “I had to sit through New Moon with Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson with their shirts off. ” Stephanie Cooper senior English major “My boyfriend got pulled over in Panama City and got eight tickets in one stop.” Ansley Fender junior English major “We were in PC and there was a drunk girl in the ...

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People Poll: What do you think of when you someone mentions St. Patty’s day?

Datonia Hughes senior mass media major ““I think of green, green, green because that is my all-time favorite color. I’m a nature person so spring is not too far behind St. Patrick’s Day. When you think of green, you think of spring.” Shannette Samms senior psychology major “I think of Riverdance, green, and leprechauns.” Benjamin Starling senior mass media major ...

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People Poll: What should VSU cut from spending?

Asya Greenwood junior journalism major “I think that VSU spends money effectively and cutting $9 million would negatively impact the progress of the campus.” Erica Whitaker sophomore education major “I think the movie theater in the UC should be cut off because there’s really no use for it.” J.J. Wortham junior journalism major “VSU should cut the expenses used to ...

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People Poll: Are you a Facebook stalker?

Paul Guzman Jr sophomore mass media major “I’m not simply because I am not on Facebook a lot.” Xio Serano-Arce junior psychology major “In a sense yes, because I have certain profiles I frequently visit. I like looking through pictures and checking statuses to see what they’ve been up to. But if people don’t want to be ‘stalked’ why have ...

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