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SGA discusses safety, scheduling

Written By: Taymara Tait This week, SGA discussed topics concerning the campus safety walk, academic planning and academic scheduling among others.   The campus safety committee takes an annual walk around campus and analyzes lighting and the safety surrounding the campus environment. Campus police, administrators and professors walked through main campus, north campus and the parking decks checking for any ...

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SGA outlines Homecoming events

By: Taymara Tait This week the SGA meeting focused on the events of Homecoming, the upcoming safety summit and the Kel Mitchell appearance. Homecoming week, which runs from Oct. 20 to Oct. 24 and continues throughout the weekend, was the focal point of the meeting.   Tyler Barker, SGA president, addressed the Homecoming plans in detail.   Oct. 20, the ...

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Wesleyan University urged to go co-ed

By: Taymara Tait According to a CNN article, Wesleyan University has ordered for fraternities on their campus to turn co-ed within the next three years. The fraternities will be required to accept not only men, but women as well. The differences between men and women are no stranger to most; in fact, they’re pretty crystal clear. So why should Wesleyan’s ...

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Helicopter teachers help, hinder students

Pro By: Taymara Tait It’s Tuesday and an assignment is due a week from today. You turn to the rubric on your desk-top and it clarifies the assignment for you. Not only does your understanding for the assignment become clearer, but you also know in what direction to take your paper. If it wasn’t for that handy dandy rubric, what ...

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Student Employees Deserve Healthcare

Written By Taymara Tait There is a question one must ask about student employment:should student employees receive benefits such as healthcare? Well, President Barack Obama has brought that question into consideration. According to The Affordable Care Act (ACA), which begins in the year 2015, student employees who don’t work 30 hours per week will not receive healthcare. This is not ...

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Don’t Bring Internet Addiction Bootcamp To U.S.

Written By Taymara Tait Imagine being locked away in a secluded camp where your internet surfing rights are taken away. You’re stripped from your days of watching brand new videos like that new Nicki Minaj “Anaconda” video you just can’t miss or searching for those new Michael Kors bags your friend told you about. Imagine that leisure time is gone. ...

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