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The next step for VSU: West hall gets an update, more on the way

VSU continued its trend of “out with the old, in with the new” after the two-semester-long renovation of West Hall’s first floor left wing, finalized during spring break. The new renovation, unveiled to the greater VSU public on March 25, saw an increase in size of the presidential and administrative suite, a glass door for semi-transparency and the loss of ...

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West Hall to be first major renovation since 1986

Renovations to West Hall have caused class disruptions, but VSU administration worked with the contractors to minimize distractions to students and professors, according to officials. Students likely noticed a rather jarring change to West Hall’s appearance upon arriving back at VSU this August. Large wooden planks have blocked the bottom floor of the southern wing of the academic hall from ...

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VSU renumbers West hall classrooms

After years of using a three-digit numbering system for West Hall’s classrooms, VSU has decided to renumber them in favor of organization. Plant Operations Director Ray Sable said that the renumbering came about in response to consistency issues. “In general, we’re trying to change the number system across campus so it’s all the same,” Sable said. Sable said that VSU ...

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