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BSL joins Tator’s ‘11.6 be part of the fix’ first

he Spectator knows this: BSL rocks!
 Black Student League (BSL) for being the first in participating in our pledge to help VSU.
 We addressed the student organizations last Tuesday in the student organization meeting, encouraging them to give back to our community.  Recently, the downturn in our economy has led to serious VSU  budget cuts. As a result, VSU has scheduled furlough days for everybody from custodians to administrators as well as a job freeze.
 It has been our mission to start an Editorial Campaign that calls for every student organization to give back 11.6 percent, as a means to help with this crisis, which can eventually lead to every student pitching in.
 BSL will host a Halloween Carnival called the “Scream Fest” on the Front Lawn and Palms Quad on Oct. 24 from 7 p.m. until midnight. BSL is expecting a large turnout that will help them contribute canned food to the VSU community. We applaud you BSL.
 Now that BSL has taken the first step, we are ready for the other organizations to follow suit and step up. Show your Blazer pride and contribute to this very worthy cause of helping every individual of the VSU community.
 We have asked student organizations to do their part in taking just a small portion of their own budget and hold some form of community service. The possibilities are endless. Whether it be holding a canned food drive for families in need, hosting a toy drive for Christmas, or picking up trash on a custodian’s furlough day.
 We are continuing to push for VSU and student organizations to get involved by giving back to our campus. By following in BSL’s footsteps we are sure to make our community a cleaner and happier place.

This editorial was written by Kristal Jones (krijones@valdosta.edu) and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

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