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People Poll: How do you feel about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

Justin Grier
Senior history major

“If he was nominated then why not let him win. I don’t understand why people are coming at him in a negative way for winning.”


Joseph Williams
Freshman English major

“I’m just indifferent about it. It’s just a money thing anyway. He got into office because of money and you get more money because of money.”


Roy Williams
Sophomore Psychology major

“It’s a very important day in history; it’s not everyday that a black person wins the Nobel Peace Prize. I hope he does well.”


Lauren Smith
Sophomore undecided major

“I think it’s kind of stupid that he won the Nobel Peace Prize, because he hasn’t done anything within his first 90 days of office.”


Latoya Long
Sophomore economics major

“Obama did a good job so far and winning the Nobel Peace Prize is a [tremendous] award to receive and I really think there’s good things to come.”


Kane Wear
Junior criminal justice major

“I think it’s a little bit insulting to those who have actually done something to earn it. I think he should probably not accept it.”

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  1. They gave him the Noble prize on his ambitions and what he plans to do. I plan to finish my degree, so why can’t I just receive it now? I feel that it was out of line to give him the award.

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