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People Poll: Does The Spectator give sufficient news?

“Are you concerned with the amount of debt you will be in after graduation from student loans or credit cards, and how do you plan on getting out of it?”

Ashli Rastegar, senior, English major 
“I don’t have a credit card, but I plan on paying off student loans with monthly payments until I die.”

Brittany Bell, sophomore, philosophy major
 “My parents pay for everything and I have HOPE.”

Levi Hibbard, freshman, mathematics major
“I only have a little debt from student loans. I only took out one while I was trying to get HOPE back. And I’m still a freshman so I have a while before I need to be really concerned with it.”

Breanna Foster, freshman criminal justice major
“I do not have student loans or credit cards.  I only spend what I have.”

Shray Daniels, junior criminal justice major
“I have a lot of student loans and I plan on joining the military after graduation. They will pay them back for me.”

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