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Rant and Rave: December 3, 2009

Rant of the Week

The construction has caused many problems on campus. Pathways, sidewalks and walkways are constantly being blocked off. Even though its purpose is to improve the school, it makes it very difficult to get around, especially when someone is rushing to class or to their dorm room. Students have to take detours and it is very upsetting when it’s bad weather outside and someone has to go all the way around Nevins Hall to get to Brown or Patterson Hall. The school should provide better and easier ways for students to get back and forth, hurry with construction projects, or do the construction at a more convenient time.

Rave of the Week

The construction for the new Student Union is almost over. It’s about time: the Student Union will a lot of new food places for students to eat, which is a good thing because Palms and Hopper are nasty and the rest of the food places are getting old. My taste buds need something new and refreshing to eat. Thanks to the new Student Union, they will get just that.

Both written by Artavia Kirkland
Biology major.

More Rants

1)    Why is it that at the same time that we are being informed that our fees are going up another $100, EVERY light is on 24/7 in the huge new Student Union! Maybe we could save some money (and the planet while we’re at it) if we shut off the lights when we aren’t using them!!!

2) Can someone explain to me why we cannot get wireless internet signal in half of what is left of the library? If there is one place that I expect to be able to use my computer and get my studying done, it is the library! Yet I have had to completely give up on using third-floor study rooms because there is NO wireless signal there, which means I cannot get online to do research, log-in to BlazeView, or use other necessities of the internet. Then, to top it all off, I went into the Internet Café the other day to find that no one could get a wireless signal on their own computers in that portion of the building either! I am dealing with the construction, I am paying for fees that I am not sure anyone understands—the least VSU could do is to make sure its students have access to the Internet in the library!

Chelsey De Jong – Senior – English Creative Writing Major

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