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(Photo Cred: Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.)

Written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin

Consumers never seem to be satisfied with the current wave of technology. Always wanting more, wanting it better, faster and more convenient.

The generation seems to want to be purely immersed in whatever it is their listening to, playing, or in this case watching.

Japanese researchers from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have figured out a way to introduce smell in to our television experience.

Now do we really need to smell the hot flesh of a freshly mutilated gazelle while we watch a documentary on the majestic lions of the Sahara?  No, not really.

Though the lack of demand doesn’t seem to stop the researchers from working odors in to our desired media immersion.

Early versions of this “Smell-o-Vision” were first witnessed useful when movie theaters would waft smells of popcorn into the theater.

The new idea of “Smell-o-vision” however, has taken a more commercially innovative route. For example, if a commercial for Waffle House were to air, and a perky person were to hold up their delectable plate of bacon in the right hand corner of your screen, the scent of bacon would emanate from that same spot.

The same goes for the famous Ihop free Pancake Day. Those watching the endless commercials, would have the smell of pancakes filling their living room; the ultimate craving inducer.

Needless to say the obesity rate of America might have a new challenge. Saying no to all the new colognes of Anna lee pies and KFCs pallets of chicken, being so “good” you can literally smell them from miles away.

Though what was unveiled in recent studies about this “break-through” are still being perfected and somewhat primitive. They will continue to improve and pretty soon you might be subjected to the smells of the various rotting zombies of “the walking dead” or, if you’re lucky the incessant plumes of metal, blood and gunfire from the ever so popular Call of Duty.


To read more on “Smell-o-Vision” and how it works please visit:







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