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Tobaccon ban faces mixed reactions from students

By: Kristin Whitman– con

The Board of Regents Tobacco and Smoke Free Campus policy becomes effective at VSU on Oct. 1.

A VSU poll shows that 53 percent of students opposed or strongly opposed the ban, 43 percent supported or strongly supported the ban, while the other four percent had no opinion on the topic.

If the majority of students on campus are against this, why is the policy still being imposed?

This ban does not only affect students who smoke between classes, but the staff, visitors and contractors are affected as well.

This rule will turn people off to VSU. If people are repeatedly told to put their tobacco products out, they will feel harassed and unwanted.

Is this a serious enough issue for VSU to make it a permanent rule?

It is a person’s right if they want to use tobacco or not. Any type of tobacco product is damaging and unsafe. However, if a person is of age, how can VSU take away that right?

There is no reason why smokers should have to change for a rule that is not strongly agreed with by the students at VSU.

This rule will cause more issues than it will solve. Many people choose to smoke and completely banning tobacco use could potentially have a negative effect on the number of people on campus.

The solution to the problem of tobacco use would be to strongly enforce permeated smoking areas on campus, not a complete banning. This solution is fair for all students, faculty and staff.


 By: Kenzie Kesselring- pro

It’s not news to any of us that smoking is bad for your health, the health of people around you and the environment. These have been the leading reasons for VSU to impose the smoking ban effective Oct. 1, 2014.

We have all been taught the health hazards of smoking since elementary school and when people make the personal decision to subject themselves to those hazards, that’s perfectly fine. However, the people around them who make the personal decision not to smoke should not be subjected to those same health hazards.

This smoking ban on VSU’s campus will promote an all-around healthier lifestyle for all of its students. Promoting a health-conscious lifestyle is one of the best things VSU can do for its students.

During college, people tend to pick up negative and unhealthy habits that stick with them long past college, and smoking is one of them. With this ban on smoking, VSU can help prevent its students from picking up unhealthy habits during this pivotal time in their lives.

The smoking ban will also help keep VSU’s campus cleaner. If everyone is following the ban come Oct. 1, there won’t be any more cigarette butts the ground. This will make the campus more pleasant for smokers and non-smokers alike.

From the palm trees to the Spanish moss and beautiful architecture, VSU is known for having one of the most beautiful campuses in Georgia. With fewer cigarettes junking up the ground and less smoke polluting the air, the campus will look even better than we ever thought possible.

The implementation of this new policy is great all the way around and will help VSU and its students lead better, healthier lives in a cleaner environment.



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