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Good2Go is not good enough

By: Jordan Hill

In an attempt to curb sexual assault, app developers launched Good2Go. It’s an app that adults can use to ensure each adult is consenting to sex before it happens.

While it is a good idea and a great attempt to prevent college students from sexual assault while drunk, the app has its flaws. The app asks four questions to each individual to make sure they are saying “yes” to sex, such as how drunk the person is and if the person is consenting.

If a person later says the sex was nonconsensual, the app can recall the data and make a case against that person. There are a few problems with that. At any point during the encounter, someone can change his or her mind.

Highly intoxicated people can barely text logical messages, let alone make logical choices. How can someone that is highly intoxicated consent to sex through an app?

Some reviews have found it inappropriate that Good2Go stores your number of sexual partners and how drunk you were at the time, but this information is only available through a government subpoena. If the unfortunate case of sexual assault or rape does occur, wouldn’t it be nice to have that information to back up your case if you said no?

The app has its hits and misses. It’s commendable that developers are committed to cutting down sexual assault and rape while students are intoxicated. It’s a nice try, but Good2Go needs a little work.




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