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Mandatory Fees: The necessary evil

Mandatory fees are a nuisance. They’ve been the bane of the bill for years and continue to irritate future students at the same rate that they seem to rise. While removing mandatory fees completely would be appreciated by all, it’s not a practical solution.

Saying we don’t want to pay for things we don’t use is an understandable argument. No one really wants to shell out money, borrowed money at that, to pay for a recreation center they visit once to complete a resolution or a parking deck on which they don’t have a car to park. Money makes the world go ‘round and this campus is no exemption to that rule. Our school, though it has its issues, also has incredible perks. Those fees are a part of a bigger plan. That money goes into the student experience—a selling point for recruitment which leads to more students. The system in place benefits students and allows our campus to become bigger and better. The fact of the matter is those fees are a necessary evil.

In the same way that taxes essentially provide money to help citizens, fees act the same way.

Agreeing with the enforcement of mandatory fees does not mean that that power should be abused. The responsibility falls on the student body not to blindly complain about the fees, but to be the watchdog of the funds. Pay attention to where it’s going and observe the changes. There are meetings where the fees are discussed and clearly outlined. While our editorials tend to call on administration to improve difficult situations, we also urge students to flex their muscles. Students must remember that we have a voice and power; however, we cannot waste it on complaints without substance and claims without support.

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