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Students need to rack weight

Written By: LaMarcus Wilkerson

Despite the fact that college is more demanding and stressful than high school, the academic scheduling committee disagreed with the return of Fall Break.

However, according to VSU’s academic calendar for the year 2015-2016, students can take a brief break from school.

The Office of the President had the final decision on the matter and will allow students to have a couple days off.

That is if professors don’t assign any homework during the break.

This semester, students will have to strain themselves until Thanksgiving break, which is a total bummer. School can get hectic as the semester comes to its conclusion.

Ever since the committee expressed its sympathy for students, collegiate life has been lengthy.

By extending fall semester, students aren’t allowed to rack the weight of school.

Instead, undergrads and grads have to strain themselves.

Fall Break can be somewhat of a spotter that will help relieve the pressure of school so students can rep their loads.

At times, it becomes increasingly hard to balance school when there are other things of importance to manage as well. Though, the significance of something varies from person to person; everyone has something that they are concerned about other than education. Sometimes, these worries interfere with one another and can have an effect on a student’s performance in school.

On the other hand, if there was a Fall Break, students would have an opportunity to organize their thoughts and priorities, which could help pave a way for success in the future.

Every so often, there are hurdles that stand in a student’s way and promote stressful days. When a student takes a break, he can mentally prepare himself so he can leap over those obstacles and sprint toward success.


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