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Digital Privacy Act

by Jordan Hill

The federal government is known for its snooping, sneaking and watchdog mentality, yet they want to cater to citizens’ privacy.

In another attempt to keep American safe, President Obama is proposing a new federal legislation. Contrary to what some may think, it is actually a good idea.

The president is proposing The Student Digital Privacy Act. It will keep students’ personal, educational information private. This legislation will allow students’ information to only be used by the school. The information will not be sold to third parties in order for them to market to students.

For example, if students use a computer or iPad from their school, that information will remain private to the student and school.

In an age where technology is used for the simplest tasks, it is important for there to be a barrier that prevents students from being taken advantage of. This legislation is a welcome surprise from the president. With so many people afraid of “big brother,” this legislation seems like it will actually be protective, not just nosy.

The information obtained from students will be only for educational purposes, as it should be. It is absurd that there needs to be a legislation to keep educational facilities and companies from selling students’ data, but it is apparently necessary.

The president is currently asking educational technology companies to sign a pledge stating that they will not release student information and asking the Department of Education to train teachers on student digital privacy.

Kudos to the president for keeping students’ information safe. Students deserve to feel and know that their private information is just that – private. It is not information to be bought, sold and traded for an unrelated purpose.

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