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10 ways to show you love America

1. Respect the government—whether you do or do not agree with the president, respect him and respect those working for our country.

2. Work—it is up to each person to work and provide financial stability for him/herself and the country.

3. Care—helping others succeed will help our country succeed.

4. Accept—the U.S. is a crockpot, not a separated serving tray.

5. Ask questions—if you don’t understand what’s happening in the world of politics, ask! If someone or something seems sketchy, ask questions. Citizens need to be informed and have the right to know the truth.

6. Support our military—it’s not necessary to support war, but it is necessary to support those who put their lives on the line to defend our country.

7. See and hear opposing views—don’t yell back in disagreement. Understand and ask questions of your opposing political party or moral combatant. It leads to a better understanding for both of you.

8. Wake up—we don’t live in a fairy-world, and bad things do happen. Be aware of that.

9. Make a change—do what you can to make our country better, whether it’s picking up trash on the side of the road or educating the youth of today that will be tomorrow’s leaders.

10. Public Display of Affection—wear the American flag as a t-shirt, shorts or hat to show that you support our country.

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