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Voices of the Students — Breaking News

We set out to ask the People their opinions on how they felt about President McKinney resigning.

What other options do YOU think could VSU consider to avoid laying off teachers? Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. After reading the president’s comments re: the stepping on the flag protest, he needs to resign. Very cowardly remarks. That flag is dear to me. My grandson serves in the US Marine Corp and all of our family supports the military and the great symbol of this country, the flag. While these protesters were walking on the flag, thousands of those in uniform were giving them the freedom to do so. It is a blessing that I was not there as this 71 year old grandmother would have stood beside that brave veteran and also been carted away in handcuffs. Yes the students had a right to protest but they gained no sympathy for their cause as the video has gone viral and made them look like ill educated fools. I resent the “n” word uttered by the protesters at the police officers. My grandson, a Marine, is mixed and he is defending our freedoms.

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