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GoFundMe closes cop’s page

Written by: Zenobia Harris, Asst. Features Writer

Michael T. Slager, the South Carolina police officer who was arrested and fired after shooting and killing an unarmed man, has apparently become a cause worth supporting.

Go Fund Me, a crowdfunding site that allows people to raise money for various causes, shut down a page that was gathering money in support of Slager.

A Go Fund Me representative issued a statement explaining that the page was shut down because it violated the site’s terms and conditions. The campaign was moved to another crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.

Go Fund Me was right to take down the page, but the issue of the Slager campaign page exists far beyond the terms and conditions of the site. The unidentified campaign organizer posted on the Indiegogo campaign page that the campaign is about Slager’s right to a fair trial.

While everyone has that right, it has become clear to many people who have viewed the horrific video that Slager is guilty of a senseless murder and whatever punishment he receives will surely fit the crime.

In the video, Slager could be seen handcuffing Scott after he shot him. Slager then returns to the spot where he shot Scott to retrieve an object that appears to be his taser. He runs back to the spot where Scott lay and dropped the object beside his body.

So not only did Slager shoot an unarmed man, he tampered with a crime scene in order to corroborate his story. The sad part is that up until the day the video was released, Scott’s alibi may have checked out in court and Scott’s family wouldn’t have gotten the justice they deserved.

Of all of the cases that have popped up through the past few months that involved a civilian and an officer of the law, this is probably be the first time evidence was released that shows, unarguably, that an officer abandoned police protocol to protect his own agenda.

Not only is Slager guilty of murder, but he has also manipulated the people who had the most faith in him to do the right thing. From the police department where Slager worked, to his family and even the people he vowed to “protect and serve”, he violated that trust by attempting to abuse the system for his own personal gain.

Everyone has a right to support whatever causes they feel are important, but supporting a man who is clearly a murderer and has no sense of integrity is ridiculous.

While the real reason the campaign organizer is trying to raise money for Slager remains to be speculated, any American who truly believes in justice and the meaning behind “protect and serve” should think twice before supporting any campaign associated with Slager.

The beauty of being in America is that everyone is supposed to have the right to a fair trial, and freedom of expression. However, there is a time when politics have to be set aside and morals are called into question. Crowdfunding sites are a great way to raise money for noble causes, but it can also be home to some offensive and undeserving campaigns.

Raising money for Slager won’t change what happened and it probably won’t change the course of the case no matter how much money is raised. Despite anyone’s opinion, the evidence will speak for itself. Slager will have his day in court and he will surely get just what he deserves.



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