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Celebrate love everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day

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Written by Gevena Crooks, Staff Writer

If you’re single, you probably couldn’t care less about a couple-oriented holiday like Valentine’s Day. On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship, you probably can’t wait to see what your significant other has in store for you.

But, is Valentine’s Day overrated? I’m going to have to say yes. Here’s why.

First of all, it leaves people out. I know there are plenty of holidays that don’t exactly apply to certain groups, but they never leave people feeling excluded like Valentine’s Day does. On St. Patrick’s Day, we all get to wear green. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we all get to take off work to celebrate. Then there’s Valentine’s Day, which isn’t as kind.

Valentine’s Day is overrated, because people who aren’t in some type of relationship end up watching everyone else enjoy themselves while they’re alone.

In the end, this holiday doesn’t just make people feel extra alone, but it also makes people feel like they need someone else, which isn’t true.

Valentine’s Day is also overrated because people expect too much. As social media becomes more and more important in the lives of millennials, people become more and more infatuated with unrealistic expectations.

For example, an Instagram model can post a picture of a $900 date with her rich basketball player boyfriend and suddenly, everyone thinks they should get a $900 date. Unfortunately, little to none of us can actually afford that, and it’s really unfair to expect someone to be able to do that for you for a holiday as stupid as this one.

Lastly, Valentine’s Day is overrated because people shouldn’t need a special day to appreciate their significant other. Your significant other should be someone that you admire on a daily basis. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t treat you on any other day than one set holiday out of the year, it may be time to get moving onto the next one. Everyone deserves to be loved, always.

Valentine’s Day can be great, especially in grade school, when we all got cards and candy, but it is overrated in the sense that relationships shouldn’t be the focus of a holiday when there are so many other things humans should celebrate. Maybe a “celebrate life” day would be better. I like the sound of that already.


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