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Editorial: Greek life isn’t to blame

This past Friday, Andrew Coffey a pledge of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity at Florida State University was found dead at an off-campus Greek event. Unrelated to the death, a member of Phi Delta Theta Garrett John Marcy, was arrested and charged Monday with the sale and trafficking of cocaine. As a result, FSU President John Thrasher placed an indefinite suspension ...

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Student Spotlight: Lang Amaru

Stefan Roberts knew music was going to be a part of his life as early as 13 years old. With self-determination and strong support from his family and community, pursuing an education and his passion in music are two aspirations within his reach.  Stefan, or Lang Amaru, is a 20 year old hip-hop artist from Monticello, Fl.   “Lang is an acronym for Love Ain’t No Good, which I developed when ...

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Pop Addict: Emmys, Swift, Selena G. and Janet J.

  Hello to all of my guys, girls and pop addicts on the VSU campus. This week I’m serving up some Jasmine tea, so let’s get into it.   First in the teacup this week is Puma. It was a lovely Monday; the birds were chirping, and I was dressed fabulously. When I was in class, receiving the good education ...

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