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No parking meters allowed

 Parking around campus is the top complaint of students.  The Parking and Transportation Department’s most recent idea for generating revenue would only exacerbate the complaints.  In the Student Government Association meeting on March 7, the idea of Parking and Transportation installing parking meters on campus was introduced. The parking meters are in early stages of planning and would only be ...

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Class system changing

 Whites are oppressed.  According to a CNN article “Are whites racially oppressed?” that is what some of them think.  Caucasians are freaking out because they are losing their slot of superiority, calling themselves the new “minority group.”  As a white female, I have to say, “So what?” I am tired of one race feeling more dominant than another. There has ...

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Increase political activity

 Last week the Residence Hall Association hosted the student-led forum, Black v. Ghetto. The forum was open to students to discuss the stereotypes that are displayed in the media, hip hop culture, appearances and education. Over 80 students attended and while things became heated, everyone—including the student panelists—learned that we create our own prejudices, whether we realize it or not.    ...

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HOPE cuts not unexpected

Not all HOPE is lost. Even though, the HOPE Scholarship has gone through some major changes since last week, students will still get some lottery-funded help.

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Evaluations should be ethical

Would you bribe your professor to ensure that you received a decent grade at the end of the semester? Although we all look forward to the semester being over, we dread drudging through the last few days of classes.

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Longer late nights

 Late Night Dining is probably one of the best attributes of VSU. During the weekdays, many students are consumed by homework and burdened by a heavy schedule. I often experience this “homework overload” myself.  I enjoy the fact that I can leave my dorm at 3 a.m and receive a full course meal from Hopper Dining Hall. During the middle ...

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Sexes switch places

 The sexes have been battling for generations, with men in the lead. Men have always played the big game, while women cheered on the side. But things have changed.  As women, we have established a voice starting with the right to vote and now we can be politicians, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs and whatever else we want to be; no longer ...

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Locals in library should leave

 Walking in, you expect a kind of sanctuary in Odum. It’s a college library meant to foster the study of each one of the students in attendance at VSU. Instead, fights are occurring, computers are being taken up, and every once in a while a screaming kid runs in-between the book stacks.  Let’s be clear, it’s nothing against the Valdosta ...

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Lift ban on Sunday alcohol sales

 A new bill presented by the Georgia Senate may mean that the trips to Florida on Sundays simply to buy alcohol may be over, and it’s about time. Senate Bill 10 will allow counties and cities to make individual decisions about whether or not to allow beer, wine, and liquor sales on Sunday.  Legislators have been trying to pass similar ...

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Support prevents tragedy

 Depression. Hopelessness. Emptiness. Suicide. These words might not ring a bell to you, but to someone you know, this could be a way of life.  When any of these words are brought up, the first instinct for most is to run the other way because of our overexposure to antidepressant medication commercials and overall desensitization.     The reality is that depression ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!