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Gay Straight Alliance fights silence with silence Friday

GSA’s National Day of Silence Program will be Friday. GSA will hold their main program on the Pedestrian Mall between Ashley and West Hall from 4 to 6 p.m. “Specifically, the Day of Silence is to ‘break the silence’,” Doel Parilla, GSA President, says. “Hundreds of thousands of people all over the U.S. choose to do it, as a message ...

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Letters to the Editor: February 11, 2010

An article written by Jennifer Faulconer and featured in The Spectator titled “Valdosta does not support recycling” included several key points of inaccurate information. I am a VSU graduate of Biology and Chemistry and trust that anyone associated with VSU has the most honorable intentions. My feeling is that your contributing writer initially had a bad experience with recycling in ...

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Letter to the Editor: November 19th 2009

1. Dear members of ‘The Spectator’ editorial team, I am writing with regard to the article ‘Veterans in the classroom’ in today’s issue of your paper. This article seems to be emblematic of an extremely worrying trend at VSU and in American higher education at large, namely the unquestioning and uncritical acceptance of military perspectives and military values in higher education. In a democratic society with a supposedly clear separation of powers and institutional spheres, it seems worrying that military values—hierarchy, authority, unquestioning obeisance of orders, the use of violence, etc.—are intruding into institutions of higher learning like VSU, apparently with no questions asked. In a society already characterised by an ever-growing punitive ‘carcereal archipelago’ and in an already crime-plagued and violent town like Valdosta, questions ought to be asked as to the role of military personnel in criminal justice programmes, instead of just uncritically offering a description of their activities, as in your article. Moreover, in a situation in which the USA is already engaged in two illegal wars of conquest abroad, questions ought to be asked at institutions of higher learning such as VSU as to the role which the military has come to play in this society. The total lack of awareness of those issues reflected in your article is deeply troubling to me. It seems to contradict the very mission of this university. Yours sincerely, Dr. Daniel Nehring Assistant Professor of Sociology 2 Dear Mr. Johnson, Ms. Green’s November 12th Article on “Veterans in the Classroom” was recently brought to my attention, and I am at a loss for words. ...

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1 Card protection an issue at VSU

 Despite the recent arrest of three VSU students, it seems as though many students find themselves unconcerned with the rules associated with having a 1 Card.  The 1 Card is issued to every VSU student and is intended for the use of the cardholder only.  Whether it is swiping your card for your meal plan or using your Blazer Bucks ...

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VSU flasher still at large

 Public indecency has returned to VSU and several locations off campus as a persistent flasher, believed to be the same man who exposed himself at the Fine Arts building last month, continues to be a problem in Valdosta.  The VSU Police Department reports that there have been four incidents on campus, five if you include Drexel Park, of a black ...

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Flasher in fine arts

A handful of VSU students got a bit of a shock last Monday night. According to a VSU police incident report, some students were working late on the ceramics patio when some noticed someone hiding on the patio of the painting studio. The incident report says, “Victim stated she saw a male drop his pants and expose himself to her ...

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