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VSU students arrested

 Two VSU students were arrested Thursday, Oct. 22 for two counts of financial transaction card theft and 25 counts of financial transaction card fraud, according to the Valdosta State Police.  Another VSU student was also arrested on a similar, but unrelated charge the following day.  The first case involved students Cydney Hartfield and Sandra Wilson. On Oct 5, police alleged ...

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Where has all the winning gone?

It maybe a day late, and the money is most definitely short, but the fall sporting season has been unfortunately disappointing, and “Where has all the winning gone?” isn’t an unreasonable question to ask.                 The Valdosta football Blazers are 4-4 and gave up the most points ever, 62, in a home game, while the volleyball team streaked through Oct. ...

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Give a big ole whoop for the Scoop

 The Spectator tasters ventured to The Scoop at 401 Northside Drive to try some sandwich shop-style lunch. The atmosphere didn’t disappoint, as the furniture, especially the mini bar, were simple and holdovers from the ‘50s. Thankfully, the food had a more modern edge to it and the ice cream made for a tasty, casual dessert.  Overall the service and the ...

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VSU looks ahead after tough loss

Last Thursday, the Valdosta State Blazers (4-4, 4-3 GSC) were eliminated from playoff contention when the No.  1 ranked North Alabama Lions (9-0, 7-0 GSC) came to Bazemore-Hyder Stadium and beat the Blazers in all aspects of the game, 62-27.                 The loss for the Blazers was the worst lost in the program’s history which started in 1982. However, the ...

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Rants and Raves: October 29th, 2009

Rave                 I think it’s great that there are so many students taking interest in breast cancer awareness and domestic violence awareness this month. Things like the “Handprint Project” and “Saving lids to Save Lives” are two great ways to participate and show that you care. These are two pressing issues that are affecting more and more young people every ...

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Michael Jackson’s Movie “This is it” is a hit,

Pop Addict MJ’s much anticipated “This Is It” movie finally hit the theaters last night, and resulted in rave reviews. The reviews not only came from various critics, but also tons and tons of celebrities who posted their thoughts on Twitter the very minute they left the theater.  Twitter buzzed with tweets all night long, starting with the first coming ...

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The Deep Release Poetry society

 Picture an old, historic building, lit by candlelight, and a winding staircase with a bow overlooking the common area. Kind of screams “eerie,” doesn’t it? Glancing downwards you might notice an array of individuals dressed in costumes, sipping on apple cider, surrounding around a microphone. This type of setting seems to be just the right fit for ghouls, ghosts, and ...

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Medical illustrations displayed in Fine Arts

 From Oct. 21 to Nov. 6, VSU is hosting its first ever Medical Illustration exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery, located in the Fine Arts Building, on the corner of Brookwood and Oak Street.  The Medical Illustration exhibit showcases pictures from the Permanent Collection of the Medical Illustration Department at the Medical College of Georgia. The artists displayed at the ...

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Uncharted 2’s excellency is under the radar

 2007’s Uncharted was sort of a sleeper hit.  Sure, developer Naughty Dog had quite the pedigree—titles like the PlayStation classic Crash Bandicoot series and last generation’s Jak and Daxter games were all critically acclaimed bestsellers.  However, Uncharted landed without much of a splash.  Maybe it was the new, unproven franchise that turned gamers off or maybe it was the crowded ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!