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Give a big ole whoop for the Scoop

 The Spectator tasters ventured to The Scoop at 401 Northside Drive to try some sandwich shop-style lunch. The atmosphere didn’t disappoint, as the furniture, especially the mini bar, were simple and holdovers from the ‘50s. Thankfully, the food had a more modern edge to it and the ice cream made for a tasty, casual dessert.
 Overall the service and the décor played well into the simple diner atmosphere. The waiter made sure everything was taken care of and that the meals were made to order and hot when they hit the table. For a lunchtime meal, everything was comfortable and nothing was overdone.
 Michael ordered the signature dish, cleverly called The Scoop, which was little more than a toasted turkey, ham and cheese sandwich with a side of chips. The sandwich, though simple, was well-made and tasted the way a sandwich should. The cookies and cream two-scoop waffle cone made the trip worthwhile.
 Ashley had the scrambled hot dog. It was basically a cut-up hot dog and chili on top of a hot dog bun. It was good, but the chili made the hot dog bun a little soggy. Ashley also had a scoop of butter pecan in a waffle bowl. The bowl was deliciously covered in chocolate and the ice cream was good.
 The experience was pleasant, with a comfortable atmosphere, easy-going service, and well-prepared food. Overall The Scoop does exactly what a diner is expected to do: serve good food at a decent price in a laid-back setting. The Scoop is a great place to go again and again, even if it is just for a few scoops of ice cream and a waffle cone. We are giving The Scoop a four out of five.

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