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Editorial: There is more to life than what’s on Earth

Conspiracy theorists debate many topics, but one that seems to be more widely accepted is that aliens are real. At the Spectator, we believe that there is no feasible way that Earth is the only planet in the universe that has life. According to Britannica Dictionary, the word alien is a noun that means “a creature that comes from somewhere ...

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Editorial: Supporting the GPA calculation change

The tea kettle of change is whistling on VSU’s campus. For students, professors, and most of all, the grades that bind us all together. For years, VSU has collected all grades from a student’s time here at VSU to calculate their institutional GPA. As a student, this would mean after failing a course, and then retaking and passing it, that ...

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Editorial: Private profiles don’t protect prejudice

People love to speak their minds, especially on their “private” social media profiles. But what if the content that is posted is troubling, or, like in some recent news, racist? Even though we are not a full month into 2018, incidents of prejudice and hate speech have flooded the media. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 19-year-old Harley Barber, a ...

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