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Guide: Top 5 ways for College Freshman to Succeed

College is such a little word with so much meaning behind it. You can plan for months and even years ahead to be prepared for your first day, but in reality, you can’t really be prepared for college until you’re in it. Here are the top five tips for college freshmen that can lead to success: 1. Don’t Procrastinate It ...

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VSU experiences Record High Freshman Count

The amount of freshmen who have enrolled at VSU for fall 2020 has increased by 48% since last year, with an overwhelming 3,437 students. This increase had led to approximately $4 million in increased revenue for VSU, according to VSU President Richard Carvajal. According to Ryan Hogan, VSU’s director of admissions, the increase can be attributed to a variety of ...

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VSU freshman enrollment down 8%

Updated on Nov. 13, 2019: The fall 2018 freshman enrollment was originally stated as 1,650. It has now been corrected to 1,640. There has been an 8% decrease in freshman enrollment at VSU. In Fall 2018, 1,640 freshman enrolled while in Fall 2019 only 1,530 enrolled. Tee Mitchell, associate vice president for enrollment management, and Barrie Fitzgerald, director of institutional ...

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